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Frezko Taco Spot ~ Southlake, Texas

Like Arezzo, another somewhat-new concept arrived in Southlake this summer that we're quite fond of. We first tried Frezko back in late September, and it's a place we've gone to a couple of more times since.

Food: Frezko is definitely a traditional taqueria in the sense that it uses only fresh ingredients, and keeps things simple with a small menu of primary tacos and burritos and there are no alcoholic beverages. You choose a protein (steak, chicken, pork (carnitas)), toppings (onions, cilantro, cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc..), and that's about it. As mentioned, the food is freshly prepared, and the steak and chicken have a wonderful charbroiled taste (asada). The tortillas are fresh. Of course, no taqueria worth its chile pepper doesn't at least have one salsa to squirt all over the tacos or burritos with. They have both a red and a green (fresh and refrigerated), each with a slight kick, and a taste more similar than you might imagine at first - which is a g…

Arezzo, Italian Street Food ~ Southlake, Texas

If I were to name a restaurant - or perhaps a concept - I'm most excited about, it would have to be Arezzo. They describe themselves as "Italian Street Food", and I think that's an apt portrayal of exactly who they are. Named after a beautiful city in Tuscany, Arezzo tries to emulate the village experience as best as possible for the modern upscale automobile culture we live in. On the few visits I've been, the restaurant has been fairly empty. I hope this is a concept that doesn't fly by without notice. Definitely give it a shot and report back. The price is right, and the food is great. One of these days, I'll have to try something else, but it's really hard for me not to have a big ol' heapin' bowl of pasta. Especially on cold weather days.

Food: Somewhere between Fazoli's, any pizza-pasta shop, and a modern Italian cafe, is where you'll find the food of Arezzo. It's setup somewhat like the burrito places, where you order a…

Pho Asian Star ~ Corinth, Texas

Time to blow the cobwebs of this blog, and let's see if we can get the engine cranked again! The holidays are coming, which should give me much more time, and I have a raftful of information for everyone. Which would make sense, since my last post was in January (Mr. Music had one in August for us). But we didn't stop eating out! OK - speaking of Mr. Music, he has once again given us a new review to see if this blog still works.

Take it away Mr. Music!

Mr and Mrs Music have resided in the Denton area for over 10 years and have been dreaming for a really good Vietnamese restaurant. A few places have come and gone, but none have really been that great. Recently, I was in Corinth and happened to drive by a place that used to hold a takeout Chinese food spot and noticed a new sign, Asian Star. What really got my attention is that when I got closer, I noticed pictures of Pho and Goi Cuon (Spring Rolls) on the window! And although the big sign just says Asian Star, on the door t…

El Gallo de Oro ~ Granbury, Texas

Hi everyone! We're back from an extended break, and hope to update the blog and catch up soon. In the meantime, Mr. Music just sent this one in to get us rolling again.

The Music's spent the day in Granbury over the weekend.With a herd of 10+, a round at the local disc golf course, a stop at Revolver Brewery (another great experience in itself) and then some lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. What else could one want in life?

El Gallo de Oro is a cute little place right off the Brazos River.It is a small, free standing building serving authentic Mexican dishes.They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was originally attracted to it by the name - recalling one of my long gone favorite little places in Dallas on Maple just off Wycliffe owned by a couple from Guatemala.No relation, but the food here is great.They serve a wide variety of dishes including enchiladas, quesadillas and street tacos!Nothing else needed to be said, when I saw it on the menu - and when I saw the picture…

Chelsea Pizza ~ Grapevine, Texas

I've been aware of Chelsea Pizza for many years, as reviews and comments alike praised their authentic New Jersey styled pizza. In fact, they first opened in 2009 about a year after getting this blog started. I'd intended on heading west to their Keller location for what seems forever, but there was always some reason why I didn't. At first they were dinner only, which was inconvenient since Mrs. RJG typically doesn't want pizza for dinner. Then by the time they did open for lunch, their website menu didn't indicate they had pizza by the slice, and I didn't feel compelled to order a whole pie.

So it was a month ago while Mrs. RJG and I were dining at the Cafe Italia on Hwy 26 that I noticed Chelsea Pizza had opened a new location right next door. I found out they were open for lunch, and they had pizza by the slice, so it was indeed time for me to finally try it. So I finally wandered over recently for a lunch, and had two slices - one cheese and one sausage. …

Las Caras ~ Denver, Colorado

Last visit: November 2017

So we continue our trek through the Denver restaurant landscape. We first discovered Las Caras in our recent summer townhome phase of Denver living (2009-2011). Las Caras was conveniently close to our place in SE Denver, and since I worked from home, it made the perfect lunch stop for Mrs. RJG and I during the week. Las Caras means "The Faces", and the name takes on more meaning once you realize the owner (or family member of the owner) is also an artist, and many painted faces adorn the walls.

So what separates Las Caras from the competition? A few things actually. The salsa that comes with the chips is quite good, but if you ask for the hotter one, you'll receive a dark green concoction that has this most unique smoked chile flavor, and packs some heat too. For an entree, be sure to get something with their grilled chicken. It's absolutely delicious. It's always tender, and features a marinate similar to what you might find at a Thai r…

Freshcraft ~ Denver, Colorado

(photo courtesy of beerphxation)

While the RJG awaits to try his next new restaurant in DFW (though we already have 9 revisits as indicated by the 2014 update tag), and I have a little extra time to write, let's get back to our "second home" in Denver. Now that we sold our summer townhome, I tend to get to Denver only about twice a year for family and personal business.

And on both visits to Denver in 2013, I visited Freshcraft, which ironically I discovered for the first time last year. Freshcraft is located in the LoDo section of downtown Denver, right in the heart of the active nightlife section. I typically stay at a hotel in the Denver Tech Center, that is conveniently within walking distance of the RTD (Denver's light rail system). So it's perfect for a dinner. Train in, walk, eat, drink a few craft beers, walk back, train out. On both visits, I went on a Saturday night around 7:30 or so. In June I was able to sit at the bar with few patrons. And in Novemb…

Samui Thai Cuisine ~ Plano, Texas

And here's the final entry from Mr. Music's last batch of reviews. I'm not familiar with Samui, which I could say about almost all restaurants in Plano, but it appears to be a popular place according to Urbanspoon.

Mr Music writes: My boss suggested we come to Samui Thai for lunch last Friday. I had been once before and just didn’t remember loving it, although several of my co-workers speak highly of it. I was looking forward to another visit. Samui is a nice Thai place in the Shops of Legacy. The lunch menu was reasonably priced and had all the dishes I know and love - Thai food is one of my favorite types of food. I noticed they had Lad Na, which a Thai friend of mine told me was a good sign as it is a favorite dish at home. I actually opted for the Spicy Basil Chicken and my boss and co-worked each had a fried rice dish. We could add soup or a spring roll for $1 so of course I went for the Tom Kha Gai. The bowl was a good size for a side and the soup was great.…

3 Parrots Taco Shop ~ Benbrook, Texas

Many of you will remember that the RJG had visited 3 Parrots Taco Shop almost exactly a year ago. We had gone to the Beach Street location. In the latest batch of reviews from Mr. Music, he'd apparently gone to the Benbrook location after some disc golf. So I'll create a new post here, and we can compare notes to our own experience. And it appears he drew a similar conclusion regarding Fuzzy's. As you can see from the link above, we haven't returned, and I don't think that we will unless I hear of significant changes.

Mrs. Music and I were in West Ft. Worth with some friends for some serious disc golf at Z-Boaz Park. After a grueling 3 hour round, we were ready for some chow! One of our friends surfed up Three Parrots and since it was very close, we decided to check it out. I’d never heard of it and didn’t have time to look it up so I was excited to go in blind. Ryo was excited to see they had schooners of beer for $3, but if craft been is your preference, this …

Revolver Taco Lounge ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Not only is the RJG back in the saddle, but Mr. Music has suddenly reappeared as well with a fresh set of local reviews. Revolver Taco Lounge is a place that has received an enormous amount of press, but we have yet to wander over and try it. Let's see what Mr. Music thinks...

The Musics' were in Ft. Worth on Saturday and decided to check out some local tacos. A good friend mentioned he’d seen a place called Revolver Taco Lounge and had been meaning to check it out.I saw some good reviews and thought it was worth a shot.The restaurant is very small with nice d├ęcor and the white table cloths help make it seem upscale.The menu is packed with very interesting items such as mole, ceviche, birria and several yummy looking tacos. Mrs. Music wanted to splurge a little and ordered the Langosta tacos which are made with a half-pound of lobster meat. I opted for Al Pastor - a favorite dish of mine.Music Junior and Baby Music split an order of tamales.We were accompanied by 2 nephews and…

***CLOSED*** TPR Burger ~ Watauga, Texas

Last visit: January 2014
December 30, 2017 update: Marking as closed. Apparently this happened in February of this year.

So we start the new year not with a revisit, but rather a new entry altogether. TPR Burger was getting some buzz in the local media marketplace, and since it's here in NE Tarrant, I felt I better get over there and report back.

TPR, as you can discern from the photo above, stands for Texas Patty Real. In speaking with the owner, the acronym was born when the cost to replace the sign above the restaurant was too expensive to put the whole name there. Once again it proves the old axiom: Necessity is the mother of all invention.

When I first walked in, I was expecting to see an order counter, and since no one greeted me, I wandered around aimlessly for a couple of minutes. It was clear after awhile, that it's a sit down restaurant, and I was greeted warmly by the owner and she escorted me to my table. I'm guessing they are short on help at this point. Since …

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully 2014 brings happiness to all.

Especially to our taste buds.

And on that note, let's do a quick 2013 in review. We had our most productive year on the RJG to date. Not bad for a silly little project that started almost 6 years ago. I was able to stick with it all year, even though we didn't have new entries for a few months towards the end. But I kept the updates fresh, as evidenced by the 66 updates (see 2013 Update label to your right). That is in addition to the 78 new entries we added. I will leave that label alone, and we'll create a new 2014 Update category for all 2014 updates to entries prior to today. I'll be curious how they compare.

Many of the principle's of the RJG are still intact, and I don't see them changing anytime soon. Amongst those 1) We are not professional food writers and do not want to be. While that should be painfully obvious after reading only one entry, it's worth noting that we do this strictl…