Texadelphia ~ Irving, Texas

Everything you need to know about Texadelphia can be derived from the name itself. As a base, they put forth the Philly cheesesteak concept, but with a Texas infused twist. They start with the soft hoagie roll and finely chopped and seasoned beef, just as in Philadelphia, but you also get chips and salsa on the side. And a host of toppings like BBQ sauce and Mustard Blend. No cheeze whiz or even provolone, but rather mozzarella is used. The salsa reminds me of Pace, so nothing special, but a nice accompaniment all the same.

So as you can see, it's not "authentic", and that's just the point. That's why they refer to themselves as a "Texas Cheesesteak". And the RJG will always reward a new fast food concept.

We first started going to Texadelphia when the RJG started to work for Software Company You've Actually Heard Of at the beginning of 2005. Nowadays the Mrs. and I visit a couple of times a year, as it's a convenient stopping point on the way to see the RJG's Mom in NW Dallas.

Texadelphia is a regional chain with roots in Austin, and the decor and atmosphere is very much that of a Hill Country bar, with dark lighting, beer signs and TV's tuned to sports. It's still a relatively small chain, consisting of only 18 stores, with 8 in Austin and a handful spread throughout the major metropolis areas of Texas: Houston, DFW and San Antonio - and one location in the arch enemy territory for any Austinite: Norman, Oklahoma.

According to their website, the chain has recently (Sept. 2008) been purchased by a "group of investors" with mucho Publicly Traded Company experience. Nothing good usually comes of this, but we'll keep our fingers crossed here, as the Texadelphia concept is a winning one. Maybe these investors are tired of the Wall Street game too? They've moved their headquarters from Austin to Dallas.

In the mood for a Philly Cheesesteak? Try Texadelphia and compare the difference. The RJG recommends it!


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Francis Shivone said…
RJG -- I clicked on your profile and found your blog.

1. I haven't been in years but Galligaskins used to have a great Philly Cheesesteak.

2. Love the posts. I am adding to my Fort Worth blog list.
RJG said…
Thanks Francis. Really enjoy your blog as well!

I remember Galligaskins! There used to be one on NW Hwy near Bachman Lake that my Dad and I went to well over 20 years ago (and closed almost as long). I did notice they're still on Camp Bowie. Thanks for the reminder - I want to try it again!

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