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Mooyah Burgers ~ Southlake, Texas

January 2015 update: We've seen Mooyah go from a local DFW chain to one with stores all over the US, Canada, and now the Middle East!

January 2014 update: An interesting development since my last visit in October: They changed their core product. Mooyah had the 2 patty system, similar to 5 Guys, and now they've gone to a larger single patty, perhaps like Kincaids. That's an odd move for a chain that seems to be doing well (if total locations are an indication). But it also signals there's trouble on the horizon (why change what makes you successful? Images of New Coke come flashing by). To be honest, if Mooyah wasn't so close to where we reside, I'd probably list as Hold. But there are days I don't have but 20-25 minutes for lunch, and Mooyah is one of only a few options for me, if there's nothing compelling in the fridge. Oh, I just noticed they shut the Euless location down too. Along with Watauga, that's two from NE Tarrant that didn't make it…

***CLOSED*** Fat Daddy's Burger House ~ Southlake, Texas

Recently I tried another Dallas based popular place called Fat Daddy's Burger House in Southlake. Well, it's... pretty good. I mean it would be wholly unfair to say I didn't like it, because it's certainly decent. But when compared with many other burger choices in NE Tarrant, many featured on these very pages, then Fat Daddy's falls short. Better to spend your dough at Johnny B's, Molly's, Five Guys, Freddy's, Chapps, Snuffer's, plus the ones mentioned in this post alone. Fat Daddy's compares closest to Fuddruckers (they cook the burger and you dress it at the fixins bar), and frankly Fuddruckers is better at this racket as well. Free soft serve is a nice touch though. I'm afraid Fat Daddy's gets squeezed out in the highly competitive burger market. They need something to separate themselves - like a better tasting burger to start.

Last visit: November 2009

Tex's Star Grill ~ Watauga, Texas

November 2011 update: I had originally posted about Tex's in a longer Burger update, but it really should have its own write-up. And since that time, Tex's has really played up their Chicago roots - adding many more regional delicacies such as beef and sausage sandwiches, Vienna hot dogs and "Polishes". With that has come a "sub-name" as it were: Tex's Chicago Connection. The RJG, along with many others I'm sure, had called out some confusion about the original name. And the owner wrote in to tell me that he knew he missed out on the name game. Tex's is run by a very conscientious owner, and there's a reason why he's ranked # 4 in ALL of DFW. As for my own designations, you'll see I put Chicago Deli and Greek Diner. Well it's not really a diner, since you do order up at the counter and they even have a drive-through. But the food is very much like the Greek diners found throughout the Midwest. And on this visit, I tried the beef …

***CLOSED*** Yu's Gold-In ~ Keller, Texas

December 2017 update: Yu's Gold-In is now closed and is Pho-In-The-Box Vietnamese (and comes recommended as well).

As mentioned in the September entry, it had been my goal to group similar restaurants for a more comprehensive and useful post. But when it comes to Chinese food in NE Tarrant, we've only found one we like to date - and we really like it - and that would be Yu's Gold-In.

While we certainly haven't been to them all, we have tried many Chinese joints in NE Tarrant including: Golden China (Southlake), Hong Kong Express (Keller & North Richland Hills), New China (Watauga), Pearl (Grapevine), Ying Cafe (Watauga), Bo Bo China (Grapevine) and Szechuan (Hurst). Most are pretty good, with the nod going to Bo Bo China as the best of that lot. But none inspire us to make a special trip, nor have I written about any of them in this blog. Yu's is the clear leader to date.

You won't find the name "Yu's" on the outside, just "Gold-In".…

"Eight Restaurants that get it right" - Response

On the excellent Food and Fort Worth, Texas blog, Francis calls out a US News and World Report business article that praises eight publicly traded companies (or otherwise large corporations) for their growth, sales and profit. I've already worn all of you out with my thoughts about Wall Street and food quality. So I'll put that soapbox away for now. Rather, I thought I'd comment on each of the 8 restaurants listed.

In the order Francis listed them:

Buffalo Wild Wings- I know people who feel that you shouldn't have to pay for wings - that they're a free appetizer to go with your adult beverage of choice. Certainly this is how it all started in Buffalo. In this way, they're similar to Spain's tapas. Tapas were originally heated up leftovers from the day before, and served up prior to your meal as appetizers. That was my personal experience touring Spain in 1990 and again in 1996. I've long felt that tapas, in today's current interpretation, is for yup…

New Dynasty ~ Parker, Colorado

New Dynasty remains one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. While we wouldn't say it's anything extraordinary, or even unusual, it is rather their consistency that is both its trademark and appeal. Today, Chinese restaurants seem to come in two types: Take out dives and fancy Asian "fusion" restaurants as spearheaded by the success of P.F. Changs. Gone are the old style "Tong hangouts" of dark reds and golds, the places that may have operated a den of iniquity in the back rooms. New Dynasty is none of those, but the food quality reminds me of the old school dark rooms of yesteryear, prettied up for the suburban community in which it sits.

All the basics of Chinese food are prepared here. We both love the fried rice dishes, expertly prepared. It's a staple, sure, but our philosophy at the RJG is: If you can't make the basics, then why should we presume you can make fancier and more complex dishes? We became regulars at New Dynasty since they first o…

Brewery Bar II / III / IV ~ Denver, Colorado ; Lone Tree, Colorado ; Aurora, Colorado

For any long time resident of Denver, you don't need the Regular Joe's Guide to recommend the Brewery Bar. It was an institution when we first moved here in 1995, and is even more so now - especially given the fact they've opened two more locations in the last 6 years.

The BB II (bee bee eye eye) is everything that the RJG looks for: Local, kind of divey, popular but definitely not hip, unique food, friendly and consistent service, and most importantly, great taste. This is the place where the cops, politicians and mobsters share a meal together - and maybe make a deal on the side. Where local sports celebrities may show up at the bar, and be treated with all the spectacle of a local neighbor. Where the lazy journalists hang out all day and get more scoop over a bowl of green chile, than a whole day of pounding the pavement. Judges and councilman plot the future of the city right here - over a smothered chile relleno. One time we were with a friend who locked his keys in …

City Pub ~ Denver, Colorado

Ah, the neighborhood tavern. A relic from a bygone era, when one would stop by after a hard day of work and share a brew or two with old friends before heading to the chaos of home. The tavern's death knell were the sprawling suburbs, where driving distances to and fro work were long and time consuming. Drinking and driving laws became more strict, and the suburbs were rarely served by public transportation. My uncle, who lived in the inner burbs of Seattle, loved taverns. He knew them all within a 5 mile radius, what beers they served, the bar flys, the food, the waitresses, the bartenders and the patrons. It gave him a reason to live. When he died a couple of years ago, they were all gone and bulldozed - had to make room for one more Olive Garden, a Home Depot and a Starbucks.

And with that, City Pub is a welcome sight indeed. It's a throwback to another age. A dark, perhaps unwelcoming place - at least for newcomers. But once in the door, it seems oddly familiar. It's p…

Gutierrez Cocina ~ Hays, Kansas

Over at Urbanspoon, I wish they offered a middle grade between "I like it" and "I don't like it". Judging from the relatively low score for Gutierrez, I'm thinking most of the "don't" votes may be more towards the middle. That's where we sit.

This is fairly bland, safe, Mexican food.Gutierrez makes a big deal out of not being a chain. I think they do that because they ACT like a chain. Give us some spicy options! Put tequila in the margarita for crying out loud! But to say we didn't like it isn't fair either, as their basic salsa's are tasty - one containing that smooth texture that the Kansas taco chains are known for. The ground beef was heavily seasoned, though not overly tasty. The chicken is all white meat, and prepared very well.

Hays is a great place to stop on the long journey to and from our other home in Denver on I-70. But I would recommend Taco Grande over Gutierrez. Next time, though, we're trying the brew pub!…

The Great Outdoors Sub Shop ~ Carrollton, Texas

Last visit: October 2017
Last update: December 28, 2017

I've started going back to the location in Carrollton (technically Dallas, but I can't get my mind around that). One place that I like to stock up on craft beers is Lone Star Beverages, also in Carrollton. So it's a good lunch stopover. I never get to Addison anymore, so this is more convenient. Nothing else to say really, the below captures my experience. What I said in 2009 holds for 2017. And probably forever.

It was our place. The place where father and son would go to enjoy a meal, talk freely, and savor the moment. We'd talk politics, religion, school, his job, etc... He wanted to talk with me about girls, but I was never too comfortable with that. Just enough to let him know, you can relax Dad, I definitely like girls. We first discovered the Great Outdoors near Bachman Lake sometime in the early 1980s while I was still in high school. On sporadic weekend college flights home from Lubbock, he'd meet me a…

Rohmer's ~ Muenster, Texas

If there's a food type that the RJG thinks should be more popular it's German food. Wandering throughout Central Europe in the late 80's and early 90's, the RJG was constantly gorging on the multitude of sausages from the various street vendors, as well as devouring variations on the wienerschnitzel theme at the restaurants. With beer and fries of course. All within the backpackers budget. Yet here in America, German food seems verboten - perhaps a long lasting ban from the WW II nightmare. Personally I think German food is an untapped market. Same with low cost / Brasserie style French food. Any multi-millionaire restaurant veterans out there that want to help me prove my theory?

Here in the DFW area, German food options are slim. We love Kuby's near SMU, a place we are certain to write about eventually. There are others of course, including the cornball institution Edelweiss in Ft. Worth - the very embodiment of why German probably isn't more popular.

Which l…

Burger Box ~ Richland Hills, Texas

The Burger Box is one of those local/regional chains that have no web presence, no continuity and seemingly no Raison d'ĂȘtre. They could be a front for illegal arms dealings to Iran for all I know. I suppose I could inquire about a franchise, but would guys in trench coats start following me?

But exist they do - and from what I can gather, they have a multitude of locations on this side of the Great Divide (DFW airport). A non substantiated survey displays four NE Tarrant locations: North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, Bedford and Euless. I've been only to the Richland Hills location, conveniently located near Northeast Mall (on Glenview/Pipeline, other side of the 121/820 bridge). I'm no regular visitor, probably only been a handful of times since we moved here in 2003. My handy database shows my last visit, prior to yesterdays, as January of 2005. But I should go here more often. Because it's a good hamburger. A DARN good hamburger actually.

These are fry cook burge…

***CLOSED*** Nipa's Kitchen ~ Haltom City, Texas

Now this is a hole in the wall. The real deal. A Regular Joe's Guide special if there ever was one. In a dilapidated old strip center, sits the not so quaint Nipa's. Not a romantic date restaurant that's for sure. But certainly one of the best Thai restaurants in the area, second to only Bangkok Cuisine for Haltom City.

That's right, exactly the type of place to grab a quick lunch. With prices to match the ambiance. The savings definitely go into the cooking. Even for folks on hard times, Nipa's Kitchen is about as cheap as making your own food from the grocery store. I doubt I need to mention it's BYOB. And portions are just right, not the massive amounts we've come to expect.

We've tried both the stir fried basil chicken and the spicy fried rice, both utterly delicious. And very spicy, just as we asked for. No going through the "you really want it that spicy?" ritual that grows so tiresome. Fine - you want it hot, go for it they say. Besides…

Thai Riverside ~ Grapevine, Texas

Last update: December 28, 2017

We have a love hate relationship with Thai Riverside. I think they're on their 49th owner now. Every time we go, it seems they're back and we're happy. Then we revisit, and it's not the same! No consistency whatsoever. It's not terrible mind you, but it's not what it should be. We're giving up on Thai Riverside. Too much quality competition.

We first started frequenting Thai Riverside when the place was known as Thai Rice, sometime in the 2003-2004 era. New ownership brought improvements including an interior spruce-up, an upgraded menu and new flavors. On this visit, our first in nearly two years, we learned that Thai Riverside again has changed owners. Not so many alterations this time around, exceptions being a new menu and a handful of new recipes, though the owner assured us that most everything was "the same".

That's unfortunate, since as you may have gathered from the "first visit in two years" c…

Flip's Patio Grill ~ Grapevine, Texas

Last visit: June 2017
Last update: December 28, 2017

Been ages since we revisited Flip's, but we did so this past summer. Mrs. RJG claims there was a smell in the restaurant, like an overpowering cleaning agent. That's the death knell for her. Honestly I barely smelled it and enjoyed my experience. But do we go back? Well I would, sure why not. Like many establishments of this sort, they've picked up on the craft beer movement and have decent selection of microbrews to enjoy.

If you're a weary traveler staying near DFW airport, there's a good chance that you'll find yourself tempted to dine on the TX-114 corridor in Grapevine (may we suggest Tolbert's instead for a more "local" experience?). The Main Street and William B Tate exits are a shrine to corporate eateries, many of them publicly traded on the stock exchanges back in NEW YORK CITY (get a rope). Other than the Dallas based Tex-Mex institution known as El Fenix (and probably its worst locati…

Tommy's Hamburger Grill ~ Fort Worth-TX

As with Kincaid's, you really don't need the Regular Joe's Guide to direct you to Tommy's, as this is one of Ft. Worth's most respected burger institutions (since 1983). Tommy's frequently makes the Best Of lists in multiple newspapers and guides - anything from the widely circulated Star-Telegram to your local Sub Sandwich Times.

Our first visit was anything but a "Best Of" experience. The problem was not the quality of food, for if it had been, there might not have been a repeat visit. No, rather it was the service. Or lack thereof. For we waited exactly one hour to be served our hamburger AFTER being seated. That's an excruciatingly long time to wait when you're hungry - especially for what is basically fast food. It was quite simply a very poorly handled situation. They were busy, that we could see, but no expectations were set. We were just ignored for the most part. I resisted speaking of that experience alone for this blog, because ever…

***CLOSED*** Anthony's Place ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Having lived in Colorado for 10 years, the wife and I became spoiled with the abundance of Mexican food that thrived in the area. But you say "We have plenty of Mexican dining options in DFW too - there's practically one on every corner!" Ah, so true, but how many of them have cooked in the fine art of New Mexican food? You can count them on less than one hand.

When we say New Mexican, we do not mean Nuevo Mexican, but rather the type of food that is worshiped in the great state of New Mexico. Any trip to Santa Fe or Albuquerque is not complete until you've devoured a spicy green enchilada.

New Mexican food is all about the shrine to the Great Green Chile that rules the arid plains. That stimulating and torrid fruit that is grown in great numbers throughout the state. Google green chile (as spelled) and see what you get - go on do it. Keyword: New Mexico. Pilgrimages are made to acquire the best chiles around. And many are spicy, almost ridiculously so. And that alon…

***CLOSED*** Al's Famous Dogz & Burgers ~ Hurst, Texas

It's been a few years since my first visit to Al's. I must say that my debut experience was a bit underwhelming, but I was determined to try it one more time. And that time has now come and gone. And little has changed as far as my perception, except maybe the prices.

A few years back, Al's was one of those "everything is 89 cents" kind of places. And it's true what they say, you get what you pay for. It was forgettable. Wisely, they gave up on that concept and have improved the quality of their product, and the prices are still DARN cheap, but no longer is anything under a $1.

So what's the problem then? Well, it's not that there's anything wrong with Al's per se, but their burgers are kind of... well... bland. The meat doesn't have much seasoning, and the bun seems to be added at the end, right out of the bag. So other than the low cost, there isn't a compelling reason to go here, especially considering the stiff competition in the a…

***CLOSED*** Molly's Burgers and Ice Cream ~ Keller, Texas

Closed: April 2011

If you are a burger aficionado, then living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area certainly has to be a contender for one of the nation's best cities. And NE Tarrant, in particular, does what it can to accommodate. We've covered many in these pages, as the RJG is a fervent devotee of a good cheeseburger.

Add Molly's to the list of great places to devour a succulent hamburger. Molly's started in Arlington and Keller was chosen as their second locale. A wise choice given the relative distance, so as to not take away from their core base. Molly's is located on Golden Triangle (aka Keller Pkwy, aka Southlake Blvd.), west of US-377 and east of I-35W in far NW Keller.

Definitely one of the best gooey cheeseburgers I've had, with a unique salty blend of spices that penetrate all the way through. And the bun is nice and toasty. And I can also vouch for the milkshake, made with real ice cream (for some odd reason, I didn't ask who made the ice cream - I…

Ojeda's Mexican ~ Dallas, Texas

Last visit: August 2016 (Lewisville)
Last update: December 29, 2017

Ojeda's is more popular than ever. And at least two family friends, Mr & Mrs. B and Mr. and Mrs. Chic-Coffee consider the Maple Avenue location their favorite DFW Mexican restaurant. And we've met both of them at that location for dinner, including the Chic-Coffee's last night. I've also met up at the Maple location with The Prowler before a Rangers game. Of all the original Mexican restaurants on Maple, I think we have to conclude that Ojeda's is the most successful.

In the Avila's and Herrera's posts found on this blog, I spoke of the Mexican restaurants on Maple Avenue we used to haunt back in the late 80s and early 90s. The other two were Rosita's (now closed) and, the focus of this post, Ojeda's.

Ojeda's is old school Tex-Mex, which is a nicer way of saying HEAVY Mexican food. These are places you don't just walk out of, but rather waddle out. Expect lots of gooey ch…

Italian Bistro ~ Roanoke, Texas

Last visit: May 2015
Last attempted visit: February 2018
Last update: March 11, 2018

We hadn't been to Italian Bistro in Roanoke in awhile, so we decided to pop on up, and then we discovered they are no longer BYOB. Well that blows! I was kind of iffy on these guys anyway (especially after being denied because of a Holiday party a couple of years back), but now we have no reason to go there. So we took our bottle of red and went up to Palermo's in Bartonville instead. And it was delicious. And that's how one loses business... We're not likely to return now.

One Italian place the RJG hasn't written about, but is quite popular amongst many in NE Tarrant County is Cafe Italia in Grapevine (since rectified). We've been to Italian Bistro in Roanoke twice now (and many times after), and I could swear this is Cafe Italia's third location. Without having an opportunity to interview the owner, I would be willing to testify there's a connection or shared ownership …

Pho Empire ~ Irving, Texas

Perhaps even more surprising than not having recent Thai updates, is the fact that I have yet to write about any Vietnamese restaurants. And the blog is nearly a year old.

Surprising in the fact that when the wife and I were dating, Vietnamese food was the restaurant of choice. Not just any Vietnamese place, but namely Kim Ba, a wonderful little restaurant in eastern Denver near Aurora. This was Mrs. RJG's first food love. It got to the point that she wouldn't eat anywhere else during our courtship. We had to get married just so we could eat Italian food again. After we married, naturally we continued to frequent Kim Ba for the next few years before moving to NE Tarrant. We would still go almost weekly, even after we moved miles away to The Pinery, far southeast of Denver proper.

So is Pho Empire the second coming of Kim Ba? Hardly, but that doesn't mean it's not good, because it is. We've also frequented a handful of other Vietnamese places in Haltom City and Arli…

Sweet Basil Thai ~ Hurst, Texas

Last visit: March 2018
Last update: September 4, 2015

Along with Sea Siam in Keller, we go to Sweet Basil often. These two restaurants are probably the only routine restaurants we have currently going, especially as I try to refocus on this blog. But we're not giving up these two places for it!
Not long after the RJG relocated from Denver to NE Tarrant in 2003, we discovered a place in North Richland Hills called Top Thai. It quickly became our favorite, and remained so until they closed sometime in 2005. To set the stage, my first exposure to Thai food was while in San Francisco on business sometime in the mid 1990s. It was love at first taste, and most of the Thai restaurants I tried on the left coast were of a similar style. Unfortunately Denver seemed a wasteland for Thai food. Oh sure, we had Thai restaurants, but none reminded me of the flavors of Northern California. Then we found Top Thai and that was it! The taste I had remembered so fondly.

Of all the Thai restaurants in …

Aboca's Italian Grill ~ Richardson, Texas

According to my notes, it had been almost exactly 4 years since the RJG dined at Aboca's. In fact, it's probably been 4 years since I did anything in Richardson. Strange to think about that now, considering that I was a summer intern for two years at one of the many hi tech firms that dotted the Richardson landscape at the time (mid 1980s). Today I have little reason to visit this way, except to try the numerous interesting food choices. I hardly recognize the place anymore. But back to 2005, Mr. Music came down from Shady Shores and joined me for a music session at Mr. Unemployed Former DJ's apartment. Naturally, no food was offered, so Mr. Music and I conjured up an excuse to leave, and then figured out later where we would eat. Consider that Mr. Music is one of the only people I know who actually samples more restaurants than the RJG . He suggested that I try a new Italian place he just discovered called Aboca's.

And so here I am again, this time with Mrs. RJG, enjo…

Cristina's Mexican ~ Trophy Club, Texas ; Southlake, Texas

Cristina's, a DFW area chain, is part of the second wave of Mexican restaurants: A determined focus on taste, but with an eye for high style. And while their primary audience is the "gringo", those from the old country won't be disappointed either. In that way, Cristina's is similar to other Mexican restaurants in NE Tarrant like Mi Pueblo, Anamia's, and El Paseo.

This is not Cristina's first venture to NE Tarrant, as they first successfully opened in Trophy Club a few years ago, and that's where the RJG first sampled the restaurant. But we wanted to try the Southlake location, if for no other reason to see how they converted the former Baja Fresh (later Buster's) fast food outlet. Unrecognizable. Whoever did the renovation, did a remarkable job with the space. It feels considerably larger, and about the only extra space they added was the enclosure of the former porch. Very nice. Cristina's has 10 locations in the DFW area overall.

The compo…

***CLOSED*** Herrera's ~ Carrollton, Texas

In the 1980s, me and my running pack would occasionally head down to Maple Avenue to devour some delicious Tex-Mex. That's where we would find our quartet of favorites, and they're all still operating to this day: Herrera's, Avila's, Rosita's, and Ojeda's. This was the era when Tex-Mex was a burgeoning phenomena, and long lines greeted visitors to all of these places. So much was the rage, that even National Geographic featured the original Herrera's when they inhabited a tiny pueblo hut.

So when the RJG relocated to Carrollton in 1991, I could not believe my luck that Herrera's was going to open their first location outside of Dallas, and their 4th overall, right near where I lived! Situated in a former Mexican restaurant that no one seems to remember, Herrera's became an overnight sensation in the area. Today, some 18 years later, it's a surviving institution in an era where restaurants barely last out more than 2 years. When visiting back to …

***CLOSED*** Campania Pizza ~ Southlake, Texas

June 2016 update: Looks like a fire destroyed their kitchen, and the restaurant decided to call it a day. They had gone downhill for some time in our estimation. They were a pioneer in Northeast Tarrant for this kind of pizza though, and they should be commended for that at the very list.

November 2011 update: Since I wrote the below, it appears Campania have lost their Vera Pizza Napoletana certification. Whether that's due to an authentic lack of consistently meeting standards, or Campania just didn't want to pay the fees, is anyone's guess. The RJG thinks certifications in the business world are nothing more than a racket, so it doesn't matter to me one way or the other. But worth mentioning all the same. On our last visit, I felt the pizza was slightly undercooked, and this is the second disappointing visit in a row for me. I'm concerned it's "not the same as it used to be." Mrs RJG had the penne arrabiata and the sauce was very good - and spicy as…

Galligaskin's Submarines ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Thanks to a reminder from Food and Fort Worth, Texas, the Mrs. and I decided to journey over to Ft. Worth and visit Galligaskin's. You may think it's a bit far to go for a sandwich, and it is, but I wanted to revisit a place I haven't to in over 20 years.

Galligaskin's started in Dallas (near SMU) in 1972 by some guys who wanted to recreate the sub sandwiches they could get in Boston while attending college there. According to their website, they are the oldest sub shop in Texas. Really? Well a quick check of two of the most known of Texas sub chains, The Great Outdoors of Dallas (1973) and Thundercloud of Austin (1975) does indicate that Galligaskin's may indeed be the original - at least of those that are still around.

At one point, the chain had grown to quite a few stores throughout DFW, including one near Bachman Lake in NW Dallas. Even though Dad and I were loyalists to the nearby Great Outdoors, we did cheat on them a couple of times and gave Galligaskin'…

Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Started in 1958, Sonny Bryan's is a Texas legend for barbecue. Its original location on Inwood Rd. and Harry Hines in Dallas remains a tourist destination. As the menu itself states, the area was then considered "Far North Dallas". Hard to imagine that today.

While I've still never stepped foot in the original location with its DISD school desks (saw enough of those... in DISD schools), I do remember going to the Red Bryan's on Lombardy (Thanks Mr D for the catch!), just west of Webbs Chapel, not far from the "North Dallas" I grew up near. We had gone a couple of times on the way back from bowling at Circle Bowl when I was still a young boy in the mid 1970s. Curious - any of my readers ever bowl at Circle Bowl? Any of my readers ever bowl in a "Bantam League" (generally for kids aged 11-12)? Today, the old Circle Bowl is a dive bar of ill repute (11/4/10 update: it's been torn down to make way for the DART light rail). And the area where t…

Mancuso's Italian ~ White Settlement, Texas

In 1987, Cathy Mancuso opened up an Italian restaurant in far west Ft. Worth for the simple reason that there wasn't any Italian eateries out that way. Coming from Utica, NY where her Dad ran a place called Nash's for many years, Cathy comes from the New York tradition of making high quality Italian meals for the public at large. She would have a hard time finding a more incongruous spot than this.

We've had good luck at the RJG recently in finding Old School Italian hole in the wall's: Siciliano's in Garland and I Fratelli in Irving are but two examples. Add Mancuso's to the list. We have others to spring on you, including the RJG's favorite restaurant, and we hope to write about them in the coming months ahead.

As we mentioned before, the Mrs. and I like to use Saturday's for our "road games" as it were, and try places outside of NE Tarrant. We first visited Mancuso's in the summer of 2007, and this is our first return visit. It's qu…