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El Gallo de Oro ~ Granbury, Texas

Hi everyone! We're back from an extended break, and hope to update the blog and catch up soon. In the meantime, Mr. Music just sent this one in to get us rolling again.

The Music's spent the day in Granbury over the weekend.With a herd of 10+, a round at the local disc golf course, a stop at Revolver Brewery (another great experience in itself) and then some lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. What else could one want in life?

El Gallo de Oro is a cute little place right off the Brazos River.It is a small, free standing building serving authentic Mexican dishes.They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was originally attracted to it by the name - recalling one of my long gone favorite little places in Dallas on Maple just off Wycliffe owned by a couple from Guatemala.No relation, but the food here is great.They serve a wide variety of dishes including enchiladas, quesadillas and street tacos!Nothing else needed to be said, when I saw it on the menu - and when I saw the picture…