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Mi Chula's ~ Southlake, Texas *** CLOSED ***

Last visit: December 2013
Last update: March 11, 2018

Uncle Julio's decided to shut down Mi Chula's (it was a weird concept to be honest) and plan to reopen it as Herencia sometime in 2018.

Mi Chula's opened right around the time I started this blog, but maybe surprising to you all, this ended up being our first visit here. The reason I'd held off was because of the fact that I knew it was related to Uncle Julio's, and figured it was just a "fast casual" variation of the same restaurant. Now we like Uncle Julio's, even though I haven't added it to this blog yet - primarily because it's been many a year since we last dined there. And, quite frankly, there are better options out there. And more or less, our presumption was correct: Mi Chula's is a quick service, order-at-the-counter, limited menu version of Uncle Julio's. In a nutshell, Mi Chula's is to Uncle Julio's what Pei Wei is to PF Changs. And, perhaps not surprisingly, th…

Torchy's Tacos ~ Southlake, Texas

When I was a kid in the late 60s and early 70s, one of my favorite comic books was Hot Stuff, the Little Devil. What does that say about the parenting in those days, eh? What says wholesome like reading about a devil in a diaper! Of course he performed good deeds, but still.... Anyway, it appears Torchy's felt it the perfect emblem for their budding chain, and even add the moniker "Damn Good Tacos", which they proudly light up in the interior of the restaurant. My, such potty mouths...

Austin based Torchy's is the latest high end taco place to infiltrate Northeast Tarrant county. Like their brethren Fuzzy's, Funky Baja's, Taco Diner, and Tacos y Mas, Torchy's provides a range of tacos far beyond the usual crunchy ground beef, or taqueria styled "street tacos". Ingredients such as pork green chile, fried chicken, ahi tuna, blackened salmon, jalapeno sausage, and jerk chicken, with an array of salsa's to choose from, is what you'll find a…

***CLOSED*** Cafe Herrera ~ Dallas, Texas

December 28, 2017 update: This location has been closed since 2014 (we're really up to date here). In any case, they've opened up yet another Dallas location, and if we go there, we'll update this post.

A few years ago, I wrote about the RJG's history with Herrera's, especially the Carrollton, Maple Avenue, and Oak Lawn locations. The Carrollton location closed, and it appears the venerable family of Tex-Mex restaurateurs pooled their money for a much nicer location in the trendy multi-use Mockingbird Station area (Central Expressway and Mockingbird). My original intention was to revisit the Oak Lawn location, but since Mrs. RJG and I needed to run over to Kuby's to buy a pile of their awesome sausages (especially Italian - both hot and mild) for the next few months, the new location was much more convenient. So let's give it a try shall we?

For those expecting a dingy cafe, with plastic tablecloths, black vinyl booths with stuffing coming out, and a worn o…

***CLOSED*** Las Pinatas ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Last update: December 29, 2017

For the second week in a row, Mrs. RJG and I decided to head to the other side of US-377 and try a newly opened Mexican restaurant. And like last week's Elote, Las Pinatas (forgive the lack of the diacritic here - I'm just too lazy to copy one in) was certainly good, but nothing exceptional. We'll get into that here in a minute.

First let's talk about the history of Las Piñatas (OK, I found the right phonetic). This is the former Jalapeno's in Keller, which we wrote about a couple of years ago. Here's what I wrote in Urbanspoon: "The name change is a good idea, since I think it was causing confusion with the nearby taqueria of the same name (but different owners)." We liked Jalapeno's, though granted we only went a couple of times. Perhaps Las Piñatas is even better. Is it? No. About the same honestly.

The location sits in a very odd shopping strip center off of North Tarrant. It's built on top of a hill. To get …

Elote Mexican Kitchen ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Elote Mexican Kitchen is the newest restaurant from the same owners who run the very popular Oliva Italian restaurant across the street. As soon as I heard they had "high end" tacos and "10 draft beers", we had to make a special trip.

Just to clear thing up right from the start - they do not have 10 draft beers, more like 7. And only one is a local craft brew (Rahr, which is the oldest microbrewery from the area, and their taps are easily quaffed elsewhere). That's fine, I'm always happy to get an adult slurpee instead, which is exactly what I did.

Elote's is a QSR, or in laymen's terms, you order at the counter. We each went with a taco combo, that allows for two tacos, rice and beans. I had the shredded chicken on a flour tortilla, and a seasoned ground beef taco in a crispy shell. Mrs. RJG settled on a shredded chicken as well as a vegetable taco, each in a corn tortilla. We each had the cilantro lime rice, and I ordered refried, while she went…

Banana Leaf ~ Dallas, Texas

Last visit: August 2016

Banana Leaf is a Thai restaurant Mr. Music first took me to over 9 years ago when I had an office nearby. As such, this is the longest running Thai restaurant that we have continued to patron in DFW. Of course, at best I only visit about twice a year, whereas some of our faves in Northeast Tarrant may see us 30 to 40 times in that same time span.

Banana Leaf has become our go-to spot to "have a meet" with the Godfather of our India Mafia. So The Garland Troublemaker, myself, The Godfather, and one of his Capo's sat down "ta 'scuss bizness." In the old days, we went to Italian restaurants to do this. Nowadays it's Thai and Indian cuisine. Ya gotta move with the times...

The Garland Troublemaker's fave dish is the Yellow Curry with two bowls a rice - and a couple of Singha beers to wash it down with. The Mafia guys, while not strict vegetarians, try to stay true to their customs and stick to the meat free offerings, which they …