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Red Hot and Blue Memphis Pit Bar-B-Que ~ North Richland Hills, Texas

Oh boy, now I'm in trouble. The Texas guys are out in front decrying that Memphis barbecue is flat out inferior. And the Memphis boys follow with the observation that Red Hot and Blue isn't real Tennessee barbecue as they're a chain from Virginia for crying out loud. And then there's perhaps the bigger problem with chaining a barbecue joint in the first place. Just how good can it be anyway?

Well if I didn't have any street cred with barbecue aficionados before, I'm really going to kill it now: I like Red Hot and Blue. And have so ever since I first sat foot in the NRH location some 10 years ago, not long after first arriving in Northeast Tarrant. Now it's not a place we frequent much - witness its debut into the RJG 5+ years later - but it's always been consistently excellent. And I've also been to the North Dallas and Las Colinas stores for business meets, and everyone always comes out happy. But it's the NRH location that we go back to duri…

Jack and Grill ~ Roanoke, Texas

Last visit: March 2017
Last update: December 28, 2017

It had been some time since I dined at Jack and Grill, and this visit back in March reinforced the quality. The beer selection has increased their local presence and the food is very good. I need to come here more often. I still haven't brought Mrs. RJG.

Jack and Grill is the latest venture from the same team that is behind the Bayou Jack's Cajun Grill that we recently covered here on the RJG. Apparently it's the same Jack that once ran a restaurant in Southlake, but we didn't get over there before they closed.

Basically Jack and Grill is taking advantage of the nouveau version of a beer bar. An advanced tavern as it were, or what the RJG is now calling a "craft tavern". The food is definitely front and center, and shouldn't be considered an afterthought to the beer. And they certainly have more than beer for adult beverages. But for the RJG, the key is their beer selection, and then does the food quali…

Truluck's ~ Southlake, Texas

Typically Mrs. RJG and I travel on our anniversary, but this year we decided to stay home. As such we went for a "splurge" meal to celebrate. This blog is named the Regular Joe's Guide for a reason, and that's because we both really, truly (to repeat: really truly) prefer regular restaurants to the fancy ones. So it is mainly in my business life that I will end up at these restaurants. Again, I would prefer more down-home places myself, but I'm clearly in the minority with my peers on that front. In any case, it is no surprise that my first two visits to Truluck's were for business. The first goes back to my former job in 2005 at the McKinney Avenue location - and about 3 years ago, a vendor came into town and we dined at the Southlake store. Obviously I enjoyed it enough to suggest to Mrs. RJG that this would be an excellent place to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

And Trulucks did not let me down. Though it is, without a doubt, a pocket drainer.

Mrs. RJ…

Bayou Jack's Cajun Grill ~ Roanoke, Texas

We spoke about Bayou Jack's in last summer's Roundup, and this is our first opportunity to return back to eat. I hadn't given the restaurant a feature yet, so here's the official debut into the RJG. I don't have a whole lot to add to the below review, other than Mrs. RJG went for the Jambalaya this time. I tried a few forkfuls myself, and it's an excellent rendition of the classic Cajun dish. Definitely has a spicy kick, and the grilled andouille and boiled shrimp are excellently prepared. I had the blackened shrimp po'boy which is delicious, though I think they could have packed a few more shrimp into the fluffy toasted bread. I had the same dish last summer, and they certainly didn't skimp then (hopefully not a trend, but an anomaly). However, it does come with fries, which are more than enough to fill you up - and they're very good as well. We each had an Abita Amber on draught, which seems appropriate given the brewery's southern Louisiana …