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The Burger and Philly Shack ~ Watauga, Texas

As I write this, The Burger and Philly Shack has a phenomenal 98% approval rating on Urbanspoon, with close to 215 votes. That is incredible. And why is that? Because The Burger and Philly Shack has some of the best burgers in town. In fact, this may be the best in all of NE Tarrant, and that's saying something considering the competition. The flavor of the meat is outstanding, and it seems they use a higher grade of beef than most. A high quality bun holds it all together, and they cut it in half to make consumption an easy task. The fries are thick cut, and delicious. I haven't tried their Philly yet on my two visits, but next time I will. Word on the street says their Philly's are excellent. Mrs. RJG wants to try the burger, so that will be my chance.

The owner of the place is a sharp witted wisecracker, who is a whole lot of fun to rap with. And I've seen him do nice gestures such as offer delivery truck drivers a free drink. There's a lot of character display…

***CLOSED*** Mo' Fish ~ Keller, Texas

Mo' Fish is the latest concept restaurant coming from the same folks behind Baja Mex Grill, Peace Burger and Dive Bar, Funky Baja's Cantina, and Baja's Bar and Grill. In fact, this restaurant sits on the opposite side of the same shopping center with Funky Baja's. They've taken over the old Vietnamese restaurants such as the Green Bamboo and later the infamously named Pho King Way (Pho is pronounced "Fu" as in Fudge. Ohhh... I get it now!).

Perhaps the best news coming from this small collective of restaurants is their decision to focus on local craft brews - more so than any other restaurant or pub in Northeast Tarrant. On this visit I tried the Revolver Bock from Granbury. And it's an excellent example of the style.

As for the food, Mo' Fish specializes in Southern Louisiana and Texas seafood. Cajun seasonings abound, with traditional favorites like Po' Boys, oysters and crawfish all on the menu. Shrimp, mahi mahi, tilapia, and chicken are t…

Jet's Pizza ~ North Richland Hills, Texas

Last visit: October 2017
Last update: September 21, 2015

If you want to start a burrito chain, then you might consider beginning in Denver. And if you want to launch a new pizza chain, may I perhaps suggest you do so in Detroit? Both Dominos and Little Caesar's trace their roots to the Motor City. And now they have a third major player: Jet's Pizza. Their first expansion into the DFW area was the location on North Tarrant in far North Fort Worth, and that was our first exposure as well. Since that time, they've exploded in the area, with at least 8 DFW locations if not more.

We love their Jet Boats, which is basically an inverted pizza. Not a calzone, only in that they use mozzarella rather than ricotta cheese, which is more preferable for our tastes anyway. You get two of those bad boys with every order, and one alone makes a full meal. And their meatballs are fantastic (which are made in Detroit and flown in - inquire first as they don't always have them in stock)…

***CLOSED*** Baker Bros American Deli ~ Fort Worth, Texas

December 30, 2017 update: In addition to the Southlake location closing, as mentioned below, the Fort Worth Alliance location has closed as well. We have been to the Las Colinas location once many years ago, and it's still open. We'll update this post once we've revisited another locale, but they are no longer in Northeast Tarrant unfortunately. And after two closings, it's not likely we'll see them anytime soon. They still have 3 restaurants in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano.
We've covered Baker Bros prior with their Southlake location, that we predicted would close due to the cost of the surroundings. And indeed it came to pass. It also seems that their plans to go national have been derailed, and they shuttered all their stores outside of Texas. However, they now seem to have regained their footing with new openings coming up in both DFW and in West Texas (Lubbock, Amarillo). And that would include this relatively new location in far north Ft. Worth, which is…

***CLOSED*** Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream ~ Southlake, Texas

December 2017 update: Been closed since 2015

In 2009, the RJG made a conscious decision to trade in ice cream for beer. I was getting deeper into the craft beer hobby, and I felt something needed to go in its place. Generally Mrs. RJG and I would enjoy a small dish (or cone) of ice cream after dinner. Now we enjoy a beer for dessert - preferably a nice milk stout or something similar. We both exercise hard as it is, so we couldn't afford to add more calories. So we switched them out. For awhile, we were starting to do both, and that was too much of a good thing I'm afraid.

But yesterday, we knew we were meeting friends for dinner (at the Ojeda's in Dallas. It is one of now 27 2013 Updates we've made to the blog - so I'm continuing to hold my promise). And these friends eat later than we usually do, so we had to be creative on keeping ourselves from getting too hungry. And we also weren't going to have our customary wine and cheese around 5:00 at home, since we …

Mi Familia ~ Seymour, Texas

State Highway 114 is the direct route between Lubbock and Dallas-Ft. Worth. As such, it was the highway I originally used when going back and forth to Texas Tech after the winter and summer breaks. But there were a couple of major issues with it. 1) It's a very dull route. It lacks cute towns, and most of the drive has very little scenery; 2) Worse, in those days anyway, was that the national speed limit was 55. That was a problem everywhere of course, but on 114 the small town cops used it as an excuse for revenue generation. "I mean, who else is going to pay for Maybelle at the Olney library?" Prime target: Tech students on the way to and fro Lubbock. Especially us students coming from DFW. "Caught 'cha doin' a FIFTY-SIX in a FIFTY-FIVE... BOY. You rich city kids always in a hurry". So after two years of that nonsense, I began looking for alternatives. The first one I came upon was US-380 (then northwest on US-84 to Lubbock). It was a far more pleasan…

Orlando's Italian ~ Lubbock, Texas

Orlando's was the only Italian restaurant in Lubbock when I was a student at Tech in the 1980s. And to be honest, my recollection wasn't a very positive one. So it may seem odd that this was our final meal on this visit to Lubbock. We hadn't originally planned to go here, but after visiting another Mexican place that didn't look very alluring (in fact, it was fast food rather than a sit down restaurant), we both shifted gears and decided Italian sounded really good. Not only had I remembered Orlando's from my past, but I did recall recently reading some very positive reviews on Urbanspoon. They've been around since 1965, so they must be doing something right! I probably only went to Orlando's 3 times in my 4 1/2 year stint at Tech. We had always gone to the 24th and Q location, but I believe the south location existed back then too. In any case, we were closer to the Indiana store, and so we decided to give that location a shot. This would be my first visi…

Taco Villa ~ Lubbock, Texas

Well...Curiosity killed the cow. Ever since the original Taco Villa found its way to the DFW market, I've been curious to see what happened with the breakaway branch. Apparently this Taco Villa is owned by a friend of Bobby Cox, so it stands to reason it will probably be similar. My personal history with Taco Villa goes back to the Lubbock locations (especially the one on 50th - the store closer to Slide), so the Mrs. and I decided it would make for a nice and light Sunday lunch... and to satiate my curiosity.

Just to set the stage here. As we mentioned in yesterday's post, the RJG was a student at Texas Tech in the mid 1980s. A seriously money-deprived student at that. So a cheap fast food meal, especially in those days, could be cheaper than going to the grocery store. In the 1980's, there were basically 3 taco chains in Lubbock. Taco Mayo (yes, the one from Oklahoma that we've covered on the blog recently) arrived sometime in 1985, and they went straight for the bo…

Triple J Chophouse & Brew Co ~ Lubbock, Texas

The RJG is a proud graduate of Texas Tech University, where I attended the school from 1983 to 1987. I  somehow managed to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. Yea, exactly. I don't know how I did it either. Anyway, I graduated in December of that year, perfectly timed to come out of school immediately after a major stock market crash. Jobs were non existent for "entry level" types, even though I had gained real experience in the field. No matter - times were somewhat similar to today's market - or really more like 2008/09. Since I'd also been trained as a computer developer, I took a software programming job - and set off on a career that was completely unexpected. I had no concept of what was in store for me when I entered the software field. And, as these things tend to go, it is with absolute certainty the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Had I stayed an engineer, no doubt you would be reading in the news about one of my miswired bui…

Lee's Grilled Cheese ~ Fort Worth, Texas

January 2014 update:We went for lunch on a Monday and the place had a line to the door, and almost no tables available. These guys are clearly onto something here. Investors should be lining up to expand their concept. We tried the mac n cheese as well, and it's delicious. Reminds me of my Dad's old recipe.

Original review

When the RJG was 6 years old, grilled cheese sandwiches were my favorite meal. The RJG's Mom had one of those old 1960s metal toasters, with a tray on the bottom to make things like grilled cheese. Often the sandwich would be served along with a bowl Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Now that was a lunch right there! With both those items to be devoured, and a Bugs Bunny cartoon in front of me, the little RJG was a happy camper.

Of course it should be noted that the cheese used was those manufactured industrial pre-packaged slices that probably have everything but real cheese in them. Ah, but what did I care? I was 6.

Presumably Lee's Grilled Cheese…

Genti's Pizza and Pasta ~ Corinth, Texas

We are again fortunate to have a Mr. Music review today. Some of you may recall that I put up a quick blurb about Genti's this past summer, after visiting Mr. Music up in Denton. I went ahead and removed that since we have a much better review now for the restaurant. Take it away Mr. Music!

Genti’s Italian restaurant is a family owned placed in Corinth. Mrs. Music’s mom and step-dad live near there and since we are in Denton, we meet them there pretty regularly. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. There are several things to love about Genti’s aside from the food: 1) They are BYOB and there is an Albertson’s right next door as well as a couple of liquor stores across the highway in case you didn't bring your own hooch. 2) It is a cozy little place where the staff and family are very friendly. 3) It is very kid friendly. 4) The prices are very reasonable and 5) They have one large screen TV in back by the bar (that doesn’t serve alcohol) for sporting events!

What …