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INZO Italian Kitchen (fka Brix Pizza & Wine Bar) ~ Roanoke, Texas

Last visit: March 2018
Last update: January 28, 2017

For years we've been going to INZO for pizza at lunch. This time we went for dinner and Italian. We've been missing out! Now we have a new Italian favorite!

On this visit, we started by ordering a bottle of Cabernet. At $20, it's too cheap to pass up (yes, of course we know we can get it cheaper at the grocery store, but that's not the point). This was accompanied by fresh baked artisan bread that was served with an olive oil/black pepper mix, red wine vinegar, and fresh soft butter. We weren't hungry enough for an appetizer, but there were plenty of attractive choices. Straight to the menu we went, and both us were in a Secondi mood. I went for my staple dish - Chicken Parm, and Mrs RJG went with one of her standby's Chicken Cacciatore. Both of us settled on a Caesar Salad for starters. We both liked their version, which featured a light, not too powerful dressing, and fresh romaine lettuce with shaved parmes…

The Ranch at Las Colinas ~ Irving, Texas

The one exception to the home dining routine as mentioned yesterday was a business dinner earlier in the week. We had some of our company's sales folks in town, so that sounds to me like an expense account! My counterpart in crime, resident of Garland, suggested we meet at The Ranch at Las Colinas. And a good choice it was.

I should be able to keep this review pretty short. Basically The Ranch is a direct cross between Love and War in Texas and Cool River Cafe, both places we've reported on recently. From Love and War, they borrow the regionalized food-of-Texas concept. From Cool River, they bring the high quality steaks, upscale Hill Country atmosphere, and the bar scene.

So after having a couple of drinks at the bar with the Garland troublemaker, the rest of the party arrived and we sat down and got right into the menu (OK, maybe there were a couple of more drinks involved first...). We passed on appetizers (hey - none of us are under 45 - got to watch the calories here!) a…