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DFW Roundup - Chains edition

And the final of our promised guides. This post revolves around national or regional chains that have either recently popped into the Metroplex or ones I've just not spoken of prior. As mentioned years ago, the RJG really appreciates regional chains, and becomes a bit less interested when they have a national presence. But even the larger corporations are doing a better job of "localizing" their franchises. As long as they stay out of the Public Markets, they generally can do anything they want, and that flexibility helps them tremendously.

So the big news in chain food is the arrival of...

.... not what you're thinking.....

Taco Villa. Benbrook (July) Review moved here

Freebirds World Burrito. Grapevine (July). The wife and I first tried Freebirds when they arrived to the DFW market with their store on Greenville Avenue in Dallas (2004 time frame). I was pretty impressed with their wide selection of tortillas, rice, beans, meats, and sauces. It was like Chipotle on st…

DFW Roundup (Mar-Jul 2012)

As promised yesterday, here's our feature on the rest of DFW outside of NE Tarrant. I spent much more time on the other side of the Great Divide (DFW airport) than usual in recent months. At telecom-company-everyone-has-heard-of, we have an office in Richardson that required my presence for a couple of weeks. Mainly to conduct training sessions and onboard new employees. I also had a rare opportunity to spend two different Saturday's with none other than Mr. Music, who lives up in the Corinth area. Like yesterday, we'll start with the most recent and work backwards. These are all places we have never written about in The RJG prior. Most are new to me. Month listed is last time visited.

RG Burgers & Grill. Denton (June). Any place that has a condiment sauce that includes Ghost chiles (naga bhut jolokia), sign me up! Though, as Mr. Music says "they never put enough on it". We're talking about the Ka-Ching burger, and I couldn't imagine ordering anything …

Casa Milagro ~ Richardson, Texas

Last visit: November 2016
Last update: December 28, 2017

The entire Company X and Y story below (from May of 2016) ended up with me being let go outright by Company X (in Nov 2016 - we went here to celebrate my new job!). The Garland Troublemaker was retained as a contractor by Company Y (and he left soon after), and The Indian Godfather becoming an employee of Company Y. He has since left as well. And we've all landed much better jobs for ourselves. Wow.

Timing really is everything. The last time the RJG visited Casa Milagro was in May of 2013. In fact, I believe that's the last time I was in Richardson altogether. The RJG's work changed at that point, and the need to go to Richardson subsided. And yet exactly 3 years later, in waltzes the RJG just as the blog is rolling again. And for this visit, The Garland Troublemaker who graces the article below, has rejoined me. And we also had the Indian Godfather on hand. It was time for a meet. We talked about this prior in our Ba…

Northeast Tarrant Roundup (Jan-Jul 2012)

So here's the first of the guides. All of these are places that we have not written about previously. Some were entirely new to us, while others were restaurants we may have first tried before we created the blog, and it was our first trip back in many years.

As always, we adopt Roanoke into the NE Tarrant scene, even though technically it's in southern Denton county. The month listed in parenthesis represents our last visit.

Bite the Weenie. North Richland Hills (July). I was recently in Chicago on business and was bemoaning the fact that DFW, at least on the FW side of the house, had a dearth of fine hot dog establishments. Only a couple of weeks later, here comes Bite the Weenie, sure enough started by a former denizen of the Windy City. And since it's only about 10-15 minutes from our house, I think we'll be regular visitors! Their menu is based on the various regional style of hot dogs. I tried the Coney, which the owners correctly attribute to Detroit (rather than…

After seemingly lost, the RJG is back

Hello everyone!

Long time since we last spoke. I knew back in February that the avalanche was coming, I was just in denial. But the cavalry finally arrived at work to save me from 70 to 90 hour work weeks (including travel), and my schedule went back to normal sometime in May. On top of this insanity, in early April, we sold our summer townhome in Denver (in only 3 days!), making us drop everything at once, adding to the chaos of that most crazy month of my life. So we're back here full time in DFW once again, with one or two planned summer excursions per year to escape the oppressive heat. This year will be a 3 week journey to Oregon and Washington starting later this month.

As always, I find myself debating internally how I want to report about the restaurant scene in DFW, and in particular NE Tarrant. At least for the time being, I plan to give periodic roundups. Maybe I'll flesh some of these out later, but for now they'll be bite size reports. My main goal has always …