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***CLOSED*** Pietro's Italian ~ Dallas, Texas

Final visit: February 2016
Last update: December 27, 2017

When Mr. Music told me this earlier in the year, my heart sunk. It was reason enough to stop talking and writing about restaurants. All I can say is this: We did give you advance notice. The below was published on March 28, 2010, so Pietro gave you a good 7 years to check it out. If you missed it, then I'm sorry to say there is no replacement. No other place like it. A part of me went with it too...

January 2014 update: Pietro's is as magnificent as ever. Mrs RJG and I just had another exquisite meal here. It remains my all-time favorite restaurant even after 30 years of going here. I beg and urge you all to try it at least once if you have a hankering for Old School Italian food. I'm sure it will not be here forever. Pietro must be close to 80 now, and it's hard to imagine the restaurant without him. We try to go 3 to 4 times a year, almost always on a Saturday or Sunday because of the traffic to get to inner D…

2010 NE Tarrant Pizza Summary Pt. 1: Campania, Coal Vines, Palio's

This week, let's talk about pizza. My Dad and Mom were natives of New York City and Long Island respectively, so they were very particular about how a "pizza should be". Like most kids, I just liked any kind of pizza, but rarely was allowed to experience it (until about 1974 when Al's opened near Bachman Lake), constantly tormented by my parent's allegiance to their homeland. My parents hated Texas pizza. "That's not pizza" they'd crow. Any New Yorker reading this is nodding their head right now. Even today, with a proliferation of New York styled pizza places on just about every corner, my Mom swears it's not the same. I disagree, since I've spent many months working in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island myself. She just responds by saying "It's not the same in New York anymore either." I can't win... like I ever could anyway. Other New Yorkers tell me the difference is "the water". Strange as it may sound t…

***CLOSED*** Tirelli's Deli ~ Keller, Texas

Tirelli's is looking more and more like a place you'd see in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York. The windows are covered with blaring specials of sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, etc... In Long Island, South Philly or any Chicago burb, many of these type of restaurants were originally fully operating delicatessen's and butcher shops. Some of them still are. So they would plaster on the window their specials of rump roast or dry salami for x$ a pound. Sometimes with white shoe polish. Somehow Tirelli's has managed to create that same feel here in a modern Texas suburb.

Once inside, the place transforms to the more familiar sites of flat screen TVs and a welcome dining area. You order at the counter - and you'll notice right away that there's a dizzying array of items to choose from. You may want to familiarize yourself with the menu before heading over. All I've had to date is their Philly Cheese and Hot Pastrami on Rye Panini (though it seems more like Texas to…

Schlotzsky's ~ Southlake, Texas

Last visit: December 2017
Last update: June 28, 2015

Schlotzsky's is one of those chains folks tend to miss if you don't live near one. We've been fortunate that in both Texas and Colorado, they are well represented. But it's not something we take for granted, and they would be sorely missed if suddenly they were shut down due to something like bankruptcy. If you haven't been for awhile (or ever), support your local franchiser and give it a shot!

With Schlotzsky's, it's all about the bread. Long before Quizno's showed up, Schlotzsky's pioneered the conveyor belt toasted concept, and their bread reacts well to it, providing the right crispiness and flavors when heated properly. That being said, the Southlake location, going back to the first time we went here in 2003, never got their ovens set right. No problem for the RJG, as he always gets the sandwiches to go, and toasts them again at home! Problem solved. They have various breads, veggie, and…