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Mooyah Burgers ~ Southlake, Texas

January 2015 update: We've seen Mooyah go from a local DFW chain to one with stores all over the US, Canada, and now the Middle East!

January 2014 update: An interesting development since my last visit in October: They changed their core product. Mooyah had the 2 patty system, similar to 5 Guys, and now they've gone to a larger single patty, perhaps like Kincaids. That's an odd move for a chain that seems to be doing well (if total locations are an indication). But it also signals there's trouble on the horizon (why change what makes you successful? Images of New Coke come flashing by). To be honest, if Mooyah wasn't so close to where we reside, I'd probably list as Hold. But there are days I don't have but 20-25 minutes for lunch, and Mooyah is one of only a few options for me, if there's nothing compelling in the fridge. Oh, I just noticed they shut the Euless location down too. Along with Watauga, that's two from NE Tarrant that didn't make it…

***CLOSED*** Fat Daddy's Burger House ~ Southlake, Texas

Recently I tried another Dallas based popular place called Fat Daddy's Burger House in Southlake. Well, it's... pretty good. I mean it would be wholly unfair to say I didn't like it, because it's certainly decent. But when compared with many other burger choices in NE Tarrant, many featured on these very pages, then Fat Daddy's falls short. Better to spend your dough at Johnny B's, Molly's, Five Guys, Freddy's, Chapps, Snuffer's, plus the ones mentioned in this post alone. Fat Daddy's compares closest to Fuddruckers (they cook the burger and you dress it at the fixins bar), and frankly Fuddruckers is better at this racket as well. Free soft serve is a nice touch though. I'm afraid Fat Daddy's gets squeezed out in the highly competitive burger market. They need something to separate themselves - like a better tasting burger to start.

Last visit: November 2009

Tex's Star Grill ~ Watauga, Texas

November 2011 update: I had originally posted about Tex's in a longer Burger update, but it really should have its own write-up. And since that time, Tex's has really played up their Chicago roots - adding many more regional delicacies such as beef and sausage sandwiches, Vienna hot dogs and "Polishes". With that has come a "sub-name" as it were: Tex's Chicago Connection. The RJG, along with many others I'm sure, had called out some confusion about the original name. And the owner wrote in to tell me that he knew he missed out on the name game. Tex's is run by a very conscientious owner, and there's a reason why he's ranked # 4 in ALL of DFW. As for my own designations, you'll see I put Chicago Deli and Greek Diner. Well it's not really a diner, since you do order up at the counter and they even have a drive-through. But the food is very much like the Greek diners found throughout the Midwest. And on this visit, I tried the beef …

***CLOSED*** Yu's Gold-In ~ Keller, Texas

December 2017 update: Yu's Gold-In is now closed and is Pho-In-The-Box Vietnamese (and comes recommended as well).

As mentioned in the September entry, it had been my goal to group similar restaurants for a more comprehensive and useful post. But when it comes to Chinese food in NE Tarrant, we've only found one we like to date - and we really like it - and that would be Yu's Gold-In.

While we certainly haven't been to them all, we have tried many Chinese joints in NE Tarrant including: Golden China (Southlake), Hong Kong Express (Keller & North Richland Hills), New China (Watauga), Pearl (Grapevine), Ying Cafe (Watauga), Bo Bo China (Grapevine) and Szechuan (Hurst). Most are pretty good, with the nod going to Bo Bo China as the best of that lot. But none inspire us to make a special trip, nor have I written about any of them in this blog. Yu's is the clear leader to date.

You won't find the name "Yu's" on the outside, just "Gold-In".…

"Eight Restaurants that get it right" - Response

On the excellent Food and Fort Worth, Texas blog, Francis calls out a US News and World Report business article that praises eight publicly traded companies (or otherwise large corporations) for their growth, sales and profit. I've already worn all of you out with my thoughts about Wall Street and food quality. So I'll put that soapbox away for now. Rather, I thought I'd comment on each of the 8 restaurants listed.

In the order Francis listed them:

Buffalo Wild Wings- I know people who feel that you shouldn't have to pay for wings - that they're a free appetizer to go with your adult beverage of choice. Certainly this is how it all started in Buffalo. In this way, they're similar to Spain's tapas. Tapas were originally heated up leftovers from the day before, and served up prior to your meal as appetizers. That was my personal experience touring Spain in 1990 and again in 1996. I've long felt that tapas, in today's current interpretation, is for yup…