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New Dynasty ~ Parker, Colorado

New Dynasty remains one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. While we wouldn't say it's anything extraordinary, or even unusual, it is rather their consistency that is both its trademark and appeal. Today, Chinese restaurants seem to come in two types: Take out dives and fancy Asian "fusion" restaurants as spearheaded by the success of P.F. Changs. Gone are the old style "Tong hangouts" of dark reds and golds, the places that may have operated a den of iniquity in the back rooms. New Dynasty is none of those, but the food quality reminds me of the old school dark rooms of yesteryear, prettied up for the suburban community in which it sits.

All the basics of Chinese food are prepared here. We both love the fried rice dishes, expertly prepared. It's a staple, sure, but our philosophy at the RJG is: If you can't make the basics, then why should we presume you can make fancier and more complex dishes? We became regulars at New Dynasty since they first o…