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Aboca's Italian Grill ~ Richardson, Texas

According to my notes, it had been almost exactly 4 years since the RJG dined at Aboca's. In fact, it's probably been 4 years since I did anything in Richardson. Strange to think about that now, considering that I was a summer intern for two years at one of the many hi tech firms that dotted the Richardson landscape at the time (mid 1980s). Today I have little reason to visit this way, except to try the numerous interesting food choices. I hardly recognize the place anymore. But back to 2005, Mr. Music came down from Shady Shores and joined me for a music session at Mr. Unemployed Former DJ's apartment. Naturally, no food was offered, so Mr. Music and I conjured up an excuse to leave, and then figured out later where we would eat. Consider that Mr. Music is one of the only people I know who actually samples more restaurants than the RJG . He suggested that I try a new Italian place he just discovered called Aboca's.

And so here I am again, this time with Mrs. RJG, enjo…

Cristina's Mexican ~ Trophy Club, Texas ; Southlake, Texas

Cristina's, a DFW area chain, is part of the second wave of Mexican restaurants: A determined focus on taste, but with an eye for high style. And while their primary audience is the "gringo", those from the old country won't be disappointed either. In that way, Cristina's is similar to other Mexican restaurants in NE Tarrant like Mi Pueblo, Anamia's, and El Paseo.

This is not Cristina's first venture to NE Tarrant, as they first successfully opened in Trophy Club a few years ago, and that's where the RJG first sampled the restaurant. But we wanted to try the Southlake location, if for no other reason to see how they converted the former Baja Fresh (later Buster's) fast food outlet. Unrecognizable. Whoever did the renovation, did a remarkable job with the space. It feels considerably larger, and about the only extra space they added was the enclosure of the former porch. Very nice. Cristina's has 10 locations in the DFW area overall.

The compo…

***CLOSED*** Herrera's ~ Carrollton, Texas

In the 1980s, me and my running pack would occasionally head down to Maple Avenue to devour some delicious Tex-Mex. That's where we would find our quartet of favorites, and they're all still operating to this day: Herrera's, Avila's, Rosita's, and Ojeda's. This was the era when Tex-Mex was a burgeoning phenomena, and long lines greeted visitors to all of these places. So much was the rage, that even National Geographic featured the original Herrera's when they inhabited a tiny pueblo hut.

So when the RJG relocated to Carrollton in 1991, I could not believe my luck that Herrera's was going to open their first location outside of Dallas, and their 4th overall, right near where I lived! Situated in a former Mexican restaurant that no one seems to remember, Herrera's became an overnight sensation in the area. Today, some 18 years later, it's a surviving institution in an era where restaurants barely last out more than 2 years. When visiting back to …