Kumar's ~ Plano, Texas

A small delay, as I had a couple of other projects to attend to. In the meantime, Mr. Music sent this one in recently. It looks like a restaurant nearby to our Indian Godfather. I'll have to ask him if he's been!

Kumar’s South Indian Village in Plano is a unique experience. They are located in an OLD strip mall on Custer Rd in Plano. They serve home cooking and offer all you can eat on weekends. It’s not really a buffet, it’s much more fun than that! I went there with my friend on Saturday. We had to make reservations because it is very small (12-15 tables) and gets very crowded quickly. Our table was set with a tray covered in a banana leaf for each of us. We sat down at our table and I noticed in the middle of the room were these giant receptacles filled with fresh cooked basmati rice. The staff brings a big bowl of it over, and shovels a mountain of it in the middle of our tray. Then, servers come by with buckets of curries and other goodies. Depending on what you fancy, they ladle the food on the edge of your rice in different piles surrounding the rice. I had 2 types of mutton curry, chicken curry, & fish curry. Then they brought another round with lentils and spices, sambar (lentil stew with a variety of veggies) and rasam (tamarind soup). Everything was excellent, but I was quite partial to the mutton! They also bring roti (like a crunchy tortilla), deep fried peppers, Indian pickle, and a another condiment or two. For desert we had sweet pongel (rice and or dal with jaggery aka sugar, ghee aka butter and cashews); it was pretty good, but not my favorite Indian sweet dish, although by then I didn’t really need desert! Worth mentioning that Kumar’s is known for using much less ghee than most other Indian places. You can also get naan and a few other sides for an extra charge. One of the mutton dishes we tried, sukka (dry) mutton was only a few bucks and was very spicy and probably my favorite dish of the day; it was basically chunks of mutton that were smothered in spices without a real gravy. It was moist, but the spices didn’t drop off the meat! They also served a drink which was basically yogurt made from buttermilk with cilantro leaves on top. I loved it!

By the time we left, there were many people at the front and outside waiting for a table. 




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