Raising Cane's ~ Hurst, Texas

So this represents the first entry of a chicken place into the RJG. Mr. and Mrs. RJG definitely enjoy fried chicken, but it's something we pretty much eliminated from our diet over the last few years. But we're slowly adding it back, and we hope to add a few similar entries in the next year.

A buddy of mine who used to own a franchise of 14 Taco Bells, once declared to me "the real money is in chicken!" Of course he had a front row seat to that general ledger, as Taco Bell is part of the Yum Brands, which also happens to own Kentucky Fried Chicken. And this might explain why there's a proliferation of chicken chains throughout the country. Not to mention it's incredibly tasty food, though hardly on any dietitians recommended consumption list.

Raising Cane's started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1996, and is the latest success story in fast food. The website has a full story behind the restaurant chain, and it's yet another inspiration tale of a "if there's a will, there's a way".

As for the chicken itself, we've had better, but it's definitely good. Their gimmick is all white meat chicken fingers - so no bones to get in the way. The chicken came out hot and juicy, but I didn't detect any unique flavors beyond the usual. They make a big fuss out of their dipping sauce, but honestly it wasn't an earth mover. It's a mayonnaise based concoction with mild spices mixed in. So mild in fact, you can barely taste it with the chicken. So I dipped the out-of-the-bag Ore-Ida fries into it instead to try to discern the flavor. The Mrs. said the cole slaw was disappointing - too saucy and sweet. The soda selection is lame with only Diet Coke on offer for those who avoid the sugary drinks. Prices were reasonable, considering how expensive chicken can get.

Have a hankering for some white meat chicken fingers? Definitely give Raising Cane's a try. I doubt, however, that it will be a regular stop for the RJG. We rate it "Likes it" on Urbanspoon.


Raising Cane's on Urbanspoon


Francis Shivone said…

Thanks for the blog search tip.

We agree on Cane's. I didn't mentioned the dipping sauce which I agree was pretty normal. I liked it but I don't get all the fuss over it.

I could eat a lot of the chicken, but you don't get a lot. I guess I didn't realize how expensive a chicken breast is.

Take care . . .

Now I'll go search your In N Out opinion.
RJG said…
Haha - all I have for In-N-Out was our last visit to Prescott, Arizona. I haven't been to any of the DFW locations, patiently awaiting the one in Hurst to open. Though I've been tempted to grab a double-double at the Las Colinas location off of Macarthur. But I'm always coming home from I Fratelli and no longer hungry...

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