Meat U Anywhere ~ Trophy Club, Texas

Last visit: February 2018
Last update: February 17, 2018

We haven't been to Meat U Anywhere for a couple of years, even though we were - and are - praising. I can't really give a good explanation as to why, but this time we dragged along a one Mr. Music. And a good time was had by all... LOL. Notes from our first visit continue on below. Not too much to add other than we keep trying different meats to our liking.

After receiving our lunch, it didn't take long for Mrs. RJG to proclaim "this is the best barbecue I've ever had!". We don't claim BBQ aficionado status (not by a long shot), but we've had our share over the years, so it was a bold statement. And to be honest, I was inclined to agree with her. Pound for pound, meat by meat - no - we have a long way to go to prove that. But for what we ordered, we were mightily impressed right from the get go. I had a pulled pork sandwich, which was more of a mixture, similar to how chopped beef is normally prepared, to keep it from drying out it. It was very good - and satisfyingly filling. I would have preferred the bread to have been more unique and/or a bit toasted, but it's a small matter. She had the baked potato loaded with chopped beef, and we both loved the flavor of the beef. It weighed a ton, so come with an appetite. She ate it all anyway. Where the accolades come from, though, were with the sides. Generally the sides are an afterthought, something to fill out the meal. At MUA, they are chef creations, or so it seems. I had the jalapeno bacon mac and cheese. Oh my goodness, what a great dish this is. Spicy with a strong bacon flavor, and hot creamy cheese, over large ziti noodles. Yes, not the usual boring elbows. The Mrs. had the Cowboy Campfire beans, which are loaded with bbq beef, and tastes more like a chili than the usual boring ol' frijoles. Barbeque sauce is on each table, and it's excellent too, with a smoky flavor - not sweet or spicy, but just right. And if you do like it hot, they also provide a spicy homemade salsa. Which reminds me, they open at 6 for breakfast, and have barbeque breakfast tacos. That sounds delicious too! I cannot wait to try their ribs, brisket, ham, sausages, and other staples of the barbeque house. I have a distinct feeling they are going to be the "best", whatever that may mean. We certainly hope so. We'll update this post as we go. I will say, it's a bit on the pricey side. A sandwich, a baked potato, one extra side, and one fountain drink came to $27. As they say, you get what you pay for. But this isn't a place to come to if on a budget.

As for drankin', there's no sinnin' goin' on here, so no alchyhol (update: However they now are BYOB - so perhaps even better!). Meat U Anywhere is an old school Christian Texas barbeque house. Which is fine with me, since I'm an old school Christian Texan. But I was raised Lutheran, so we had beer and wine at church events! (nya-nya). Haha, in any case, they have the usual fountain and bottled drinks. And iced tea probably sells by the barrel load.

You'll find Meat U anywhere in a newly constructed Hill Country styled building at the NW corner of Westlake Pkwy/Trophy Club Dr and TX-114. Had to cost a pretty penny to build, especially in this neighborhood, so business must have been brisk at the Grapevine location. Parking is a bit odd, but just find your way to the back of the building. Like the Grapevine location, they do have a valet, but it's not compulsory, as long as the free spots are empty. When you arrive, walk around the boxes, and order up at the counter. They'll prepare what you ordered right there and send you on your way. Plenty of seating - on large park benches or the many 4 person tables.

From the website: "In late 2012, after more than 10 years of building up a regional BBQ franchise, I was told that the company “was going the corporate route and those plans don’t include you.” Lifted by my faith in the Lord, with the support of family, friends and soon-to-be business associates, and refusing to become a statistic in tough economic times, I launched MEAT “U” ANYWHERE BBQ & Catering. The aim was to avoid being “boxed in” by a corporate mentality, but to serve great food and to continually exceed customers’ expectations. We took that philosophy to the street for all types of catering venues, forging great relationships and winning loyal customers. Now, the next chapter of our young history is being written with our first store opening in Grapevine, Texas, where you can get our wide selection of smoked meats, exclusive sides and ultimate breakfast tacos. Created out of a necessity to care for my family, MEAT “U” ANYWHERE BBQ & Catering has blossomed because of the commitment to great food, great customer service and countless loyal followers. Come try us in Grapevine or at our new location in Trophy Club. Or for that special event, remember, we will Meat “U” Anywhere."

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