Magic Springroll ~ Watauga, Texas

Last visit: February 2018

We had mentioned in the Casa Milagro update that their timing had been fortuitous in regards to this blog. Magic Springroll had a similar fate, but in reverse. Magic Springroll was originally one of our "rotation" Thai restaurants, not long after we moved to NE Tarrant. Not necessarily a weekly, or even monthly destination, but one we frequented often. According to my personal database, in early March of 2008 we had a poor experience, and decided to drop the restaurant from our regular routine. Later that month, I started this blog, and never revisited again.... until late last year, not long after we stopped (again) writing. We saw that the reviews were very positive, and Mrs. RJG and I said we must go back. So we did and what we learned is that there had been a change of ownership since we last had been. In fact, not long after our not-too-positive experience. So, as we like to state, timing is everything. And since that visit in late 2015, we've been regulars ever since! Magic Springroll is one of the finest of Thai restaurants in the area, in regards to the food that is. And the owner couldn't possibly be nicer.

One of the reasons the RJG loves going out for Thai food is that each place has unique recipes, where a similar dish can be completely different at each establishment. And so once again, my favorite Thai Basil is treated differently here than other places we rave about. And I order it "Thai style" and he knows exactly what I mean: Ground chicken, fried egg, peppers, chiles, copious basil, and Thai hot. Delicious every time. The rice is always cooked to perfection as well. Mrs. RJG recommends the Red Curry, a dish she first fell in love with in Amsterdam, of all places, back in 2004. She says this is the best she's had in DFW! She also loves their Garlic Chicken and Drunken Noodles. As an appetizer we love their fried shrimp rolls, which honestly taste like the very best a legendary Southern restaurant could come up with.

It's BYOB, and they provide glasses. Otherwise, they have a refrigerator filled with canned and bottled drinks for you to purchase. I'm sure they have Thai coffee/tea as well, but we haven't taken advantage of that.

Magic Springroll is the Webster's dictionary entry for "Hole in the Wall". It shares an old concrete building with an insurance office next door. The floors are concrete and the walls are white painted brick, and there's about 7 tables total. Despite this, the restaurant is surprisingly quaint, and has a strange romantic vibe after dark (preferably a cold winter night), especially if you're there alone with your date. Very noir. Magic Springroll is popular for take out, so there's usually a steady stream of people walking in and out. You'll find Magic Springroll behind the OC Burger (auto parts store), on the northeast corner of Watauga Rd and US 377.

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Anonymous said…
I am so glad to see you review this little place. We drive by it all the time an say, "We should try that place." However, when it comes to choosing dinner, we don't remember! I will make a note. Last Saturday we were at Simply Thai in Keller. My husband asked, "I wonder if RJ has brought his wife here yet." Just a reminder to check it out when you think about it! Again, so glad you are back! Leann
RJG said…
Thanks Leann! And yes, we did try Simply Thai. More on that for another day...

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