Sunday, September 1, 2013

Burrito Jimmy, Burritos, Irving-TX

Last visit: February 2014

Rating: Buy

Other locations: Dallas (3); Addison

February 2014 update: Our second visit was just as great as the first. I highly recommend you get the burrito smothered in the spicy green sauce. That will separate your experience with Chipotle, Freebirds, etc... It also appears they had to shut down their Addison location since last September.

Original review

We'll put Mr. Music's Hot Springs odyssey on hold for a bit, as we have a couple of new posts to get out here.

I was looking for a new place to stock up on craft beers, and noticed that Irving has a cool new store called Las Colinas Beverages. Since it's on the other side of the Great Divide, Mrs. RJG and I decided to make the area a lunch destination. After lunch, the plan was to drop her off at the TJ Maxx (apparently this location has far more stuff than the usual) and I would drive a few miles south on MacArthur to the beer store. Now we haven't been to Cavalli since last year, but I had remembered they were closed for lunch during the weekends. So off to Urbanspoon I went to look for places nearby - and right next door is Burrito Jimmy, a name I hadn't run across before. As soon as I saw "Home of the Smothered Burrito", I knew this was the place to go. Smothered burritos are a staple of the Denver diet, and it's a concept that hasn't really taken hold here in DFW yet. As well, Mrs. RJG and I tried a couple of cool burrito chains while in Northern California this past week, so we are in a "burrito mood".

From the beginning, you get the feeling that Burrito Jimmy is more Freebirds than Chipotle, as they ask you what kind of tortilla you would like. I settled on a large burrito with jalapeno cheddar. Then added rice, pinto beans, chicken, cheddar jack cheese, chives, diced jalapeno's, and lettuce. Now comes the key component: The smothering. I chose the hottest one (of course I did) which is the green tomatillo (one day I hope we'll see "smothered in green" where green equals spicy Hatch Green Chile). As a bonus he added a little heated super creamy queso on top. All this was laid out on a metal pizza tray. After I cut into my first bite, I knew this was going to be my favorite burrito place in DFW to date. This is definitely better than Freebirds (which I do like). The sauce was spicy and flavorful, the chicken was peppery, and the rice was absolutely cooked to perfection. Oh, and it was HUGE too. Mrs. RJG went with a Burrito Bowl, as she typically doesn't like flour tortillas. Her selection was similar to mine, except she was convinced to try the steak. It was super tender, and overall was a huge hit with her as well.

Apparently Burrito Jimmy has a heritage that goes back to the Bronx, but this is strictly a Dallas area chain for now. How about that next planned location comes over here to Northeast Tarrant? One sure would look great in Grapevine/Southlake/Keller/NRH :-)   We'd be regulars, that's for sure. Otherwise, we now have the tough decision between Cavalli and Burrito Jimmy when over in Las Colinas.

By the way, Las Colinas Beverages has an excellent selection, and Mrs. RJG did confirm that this TJ Maxx was indeed superior to our local one. Of course, it cost me a new handbag to find that out...


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