Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tony's Pizza and Pasta ~ Watauga, Texas

(thanks to Urbanspoon for the photo)

Tony's is very similar to most of the $ and $$ Italian restaurants in NE Tarrant, and you can read some samples of that here and here. All the same, unlike many of the Italian restaurants in this category that have closed recently, Tony's continues to be very popular (witness the 91% rating on 239 votes as I write this). Their to-go pizza side of the house is doing a land office business, as dozens of folks come in for pickups, and no doubt just as many are going out for delivery. Meanwhile, their dining area is comfortable though hardly romantic. You don't go to Tony's for date night. You go there for reliably good food, usually with a mixture of typical suburban neighborhood folks - older and younger complete with whole broods in tow. We've been going, albeit infrequently, since about 2004 or so. In fact, it looks like it's been a full 4 years since we last visited. That's going to change.

Mrs. RJG has taken a shine to their Primavera, an excellent white wine sauce similar to an Alfredo but loaded with fresh vegetables. I like their chicken parm, of course it's not crispy enough for me (it rarely is), but you do get a big slab of pounded white meat chicken with a nice seasoning. And the pasta is al dente with an excellent fresh tomato sauce. As can be expected from a pizza joint, their baked dishes are a cut above as well. Typical salad accompanies most meals, as well as hot baked bread, that is delicious. Oh, and it's BYOB as per protocol, thus adding to the savings for us winos.

Now that our local Oggi Italia Cafe is six feet under, perhaps Tony's will be our standby for basic neighborhood Italian. It's not the closest, but it may be the most comfortable...


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