In-N-Out Burger ~ Hurst / Grapevine, Texas

Last visit: February 2018 (Grapevine)
Last update: June 28, 2015

Seems we go to the Grapevine outlet as much as the Hurst one, so including both here. I haven't noticed any material differences between them.

Our history with In-N-Out, told not long after a visit to their restaurant in Prescott, Arizona back in 2008.

As we stated in previous reviews, the beauty of In-N-Out is their limited menu. So burgers, fries, shakes, and sodas. That's about it. All at a very affordable price. Fresh ingredients define their hamburgers, the meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and buns always seem if they were bought right off the farm and served up steaming hot. Their signature dressing is a Thousand Island basically. The Double-Double is their signature burger. It's a double meat (thin patties so not overly filling), double cheese, and still the best value in town. Oh, and their fries are delicious as well. There's a reason In-N-out is extremely popular. High food quality + Low prices = Success. For liquids they have great tasting shakes, even if they are machine made. Naturally, fountain sodas and water available too.

The familiar red and yellow signage can be seen on the NE corner of 121/183 and Precinct Line Road. And if you go through the drive through, it's like being in a car wash, as you can see the workers cooking and assembling everyone's meal (not to mention the refreshing shade in the summer). In-N-Out has a reputation for paying their workers more and better benefits, and as such, they tend to get more squeaky clean employees than the usual fast food franchise.

So after much hoopla, In-N-Out has finally arrived to NE Tarrant. I waited. I didn't cheat and go to one in Irving or Richardson. We've been featuring the restaurant long before Texas was even a gleam in their eye. We laughed at the false announcement on NBC 5 a few years ago. And on our Whataburger review, we predicted that folks from Texas were going to protect their goofy little brother and attack this "unwanted" California chain. They can take their fancy fruits' and nuts' asses out of here! And bring Del Taco with ya, you ingrates! And as sure as the sun comes up every morning, it came to pass. Look at this! Be sure to read the comments. My goodness, how silly.  As if eating at different burger places is mutually exclusive and one cannot possibly enjoy all of the above. In-N-Out Burger knows exactly what they're doing. These folks can scream to high heavens and suggest they're not going to make it here and be out of business in mere weeks. No way guys. As someone who watched them succeed in none other than the Bay Area (a polar opposite culture to Los Angeles), I'm rather certain they'll do fine in a burger culture like DFW. In-N-Out is a Southern California type place, so for me to see lines around the building for years and years at various San Francisco area locations proves to me that folks like a good tasting burger at a great price. It's a simple pleasure. It doesn't have to be the best ever to be good. Why does everything in our culture now have to rule or suck? Where's the middle ground? We've become Bevis and Butthead in our opinions. Me? I'm just grateful they're here and I can go anytime I want. It sure beats having to wait until I travel out West!

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Francis Shivone said…
I like them. I like the company. I like the inefficiencies. And it's a pretty damn good burger meal for $5 or so.

Agree on the comment on things having to be one extreme or the other. There is a place for the middle.

And I agree that in 10 years they still will be going strong in DFW.
Jim Conant said…
I have been eating In-N-Out in California since before 1969 and still eating them here in Hurst, Texas. They always been the best, always fresh and made the same way. Today I eat protein burgers exclusively (wrapped in lettuce . . . Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm
July 4, 2013

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