***CLOSED*** FasTaco ~ North Richland Hills, Texas

Last update: December 30, 2017. FastTaco is still going strong in the southern reaches of Fort Worth, with 5 locations in Fort Worth (Hulen Mall area), Joshua, Cleburne, Burleson, and Crowley. If we ever go to one again, we'll update this post and move forward.

January 2013 update: A few folks have asked me to reconsider my vote on FasTaco, per my initial request. And since the place seems to be doing a decent business, and they're locally owned, why not give it one more shot? My quick observations are this: The restaurant is very clean, and the owners are incredibly friendly. I thought the taco meat tasted better than prior, and the shells were crispy - and this time they didn't skimp on the cheese! I tried the beefy burrito per recommendation, and though the meat of course was good, I didn't care much for the soft chewy tortilla. The salsas are still a big problem for me. The red is way too plain, and the green - while having enormous potential - is too mild and sour to be to my liking. It's a tomatillo rather than a spicy green. I really wish they'd offer a 3rd sauce, preferably one with more of a kick. End result? I changed my grade from "Didn't Like it" to "Likes it" on Urbanspoon. So that's the good news. The bad news is that it just barely crosses that threshold, meaning that I didn't get the feeling there was anything I would crave here. And, make no mistake, the RJG loves him some crunchy fast food tacos. Not sure I'll be back again unless I hear of changes. I wouldn't complain, though, if it was suggested.

Original review

In light of Del Taco opening in the NE Tarrant area, the RJG thought we'd do a quick taco run around the area. We've already covered Taco Casa, and I think it's worth following that link so you can see where the RJG comes from regarding crunchy fast food tacos. We first noticed FasTaco going up on our visit to Malli's and after some quick research, knew it was a place we'd want to try as soon as possible. And that day arrived early in the new year.

For the RJG, a taco place is only as good as its core product: The crunchy ground beef taco (and accompanying hot sauce). So it doesn't matter to me that they might have a killer quesadilla or a chicken burrito if the taco is not up to snuff. If it does make the grade, only then will we dive further into the menu. And so, did it pass? No.

I doubt anyone is more disappointed than we are at drawing this conclusion. I love old fashioned crispy tacos that I can take away in a greasy bag. Especially from a small local chain. But the fact remains that the ground beef at FasTaco has way too little seasoning. It's not a mush-meat classic nor is it finely spiced. They also skimped on the cheese and lettuce. I understand why this happens at Taco Bell - a public company where workers are not incented to do anymore than the bare minimum. But this is a local place - show some pride! The tacos are very small, and at 99 cents a piece, they are a poor value. The salsa bar has two homemade sauces: a tomato based red that tasted a lot like the salsa served at Taco Bueno, and a spicier green which was good, though I wish it had more kick. They also offered up a package sauce that was made by.... Heinz. Euwwww really? C'monnnn.

Conclusion? Worse than Taco Bell. Oh it pains me to say that. I truly wanted this place to rule and to compete with the best of the Kansas taco stands. It's not terrible, and only a borderline thumbs down on Urbanspoon. But all the same, it didn't make the grade for us. Any other taco heads (fast food, not taqueria OK?) out there care to contradict? We'll reconsider if you think we're off base.

Last visit: January 2013



Before seeing your review now, we stopped by tonight.

I concur about the small taco for the price. Taco Casa offers a much larger taco for just a bit more. Taco Bell.....haven't been to one in a month of Sundays.

The wife ordered the beefy burrito and a taco and I ordered the chicken fajita burrito (sans the guac) and a taco. We also ordered chips and salsa (the green one).

All in all, it was ok. The burrito was good and the taco decent, but small. The salsa had a nice kick.

Reminded me of Taco Bell with the menu choices. I can't say it would be a regular place, but if I were craving a fast food taco place, it would work.

Tip of the hat to the cleanliness of the place. It was spotless and every time a table emptied, the staff made sure it was cleaned properly.
RJG said…
Thanks for the comment Cowboy fan. I really hated to give them a thumbs down. I'll keep FasTaco on the back burner though for perhaps another try.
mike said…
I agree. There is one in Crowley and my wife and I did not enjoy it at all. Seemingly, for the same reasons.
Danny said…
Their tacos are okay(you can get a 6 pack for $5), but their burritos are good, FAR better than Taco Bell, Taco Bueno, or Taco Casa. And since generally speaking, I'll take a burrito over a taco in a heartbeat, this is a no brainer for me. This is in regards to the Crowley location.
RJG said…
Thanks for the tip Danny. I'll give the burrito a shot then!

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