Mi Pueblo ~ North Richland Hills, Texas

Last visit: January 2018
Last update: January 2018 

This was our very first post for a Mexican restaurant. As is often the case, it was just a timing issue, more than a preference. We have been regular visitors to this location since they first opened back in 2004. Some of that is just convenience, but the food does hold up. And in fact, we've raised their rating to 4.5!

There are a couple of distinctive characteristics of Mi Pueblo, that make it a recommendation for those that don't live in the area. One is the margaritas. I'm always dubious when someone recommends a restaurant based on their alcoholic drink selection. The RJG has found that the restaurant that serves the most alcohol content per drink, is generally referred to as "the best". At which point the half-in-the-bag claimant will also mention they have "the BEST food". Hmm-mmm. Well, I'm here to say that Mi Pueblo does indeed have a great frozen margarita - something that when we travel, we realize that most of the DFW restaurants do better than their counterparts across the nation. And they also have more Happy Hours than usual, so there's a better than average chance you'll get that drink at a favorable price too! More important than the booze, though, is that Mi Pueblo has unique combo platters. I've often wondered why most Mexican restaurants only serve variations on the taco, enchilada, burrito, tamale, and tostada when making up their combos. Mi Pueblo will also throw in items like quesadillas and flautas. I mean why do flautas have to be an expensive, one-food-only option on the menu? They also have a pork and rice dish I like quite a bit (al pastor platter). Mrs. RJG really enjoys the green enchiladas. Of late, I've been fond of their Pollo a la Plancha, which comes out in a sizzling plate similar to fajitas, with a fantastic guajillo pepper sauce. I would also add their fajita chicken enchiladas as a favorite with the RJG. In addition, their chips and salsa are excellent. Very thin corn chips (perhaps too thin) that are easy to douse into the 3 salsas they provide. They will only bring out the mild red (which is good but...), so be sure to ask for the hot (spicy) green, and the hot (temperature) red. Both are outstanding.

This is Mi Pueblo's second location, the original is over by Northeast Mall, in what their website calls Richland Hills, but I think it's still NRH. You'll find the location we're talking about on Davis near the Super Wal-Mart, which is back to back with a Super Target, and across the street from a Kroger Marketplace. That's just insanity right there. I can understand putting a bunch of used record or book stores next to each other, since they all might have something different. But 3 big box discount stores/groceries offering more or less the same crap? Wow. For the record, we prefer Kroger Marketplace. Anyway... the restaurant is large with 3 rooms + a full sports bar area. Popular with families, so be prepared for screaming babies and kids. Fair enough, that's their core business. Get a second frozen margarita, and the screaming babies actually start to sound good.

BTW, the same owners run Los Molcajetes, which is almost exactly the same in every way to Mi Pueblo.

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