Alvarado's ~ North Richland Hills, Texas

Last visit: August 2017

Now here's one we have a long history with, in terms of timeline. According to my personal database, I visited Alvarado's way back in July of 2004, not long after they opened. I didn't have a positive experience, and basically never thought about them much again. Mrs. RJG used to work nearby there in the 2006/07 time frame, and stated they would go about once a week and have a burrito. She said it was good, but didn't think it was worthy of us going together. Year after year, the small old taco building seemed to thrive (despite an awful location), as we drove past it towards the Northeast Mall or to Richland Hills/Haltom City. They had to be doing something right! So we finally broke down and revisited late last year, and were mightily impressed with their street tacos. And we've been somewhat regulars ever since. Either they improved or our tastes have changed. Probably a bit of both, as is often the case. The reason for the delay into the RJG is that we were waiting until they moved to their new location. That has now happened, and here we are.

Alvarado's is a real taqueria, which isn't as common in the northern reaches of NE Tarrant as one might presume. We like their tacos, both large and small (street). They really load them up with the meat, and are an excellent value. We like their salsa bar, which provides a vast array of different sauces, most notably a spicy chile de arbol, a pungent verde, and a smooth habanero, which is of course their hottest offering. Mrs. RJG likes their rice and beans as well, and she stated the carne asada (meal) is excellent as well. As for types of meat, we enjoy most their chicken, adobada, and carne asada. But they have more hardcore offerings like lengua for the faithful.

Alvarado's just moved into the old Niki's space in a strip mall on Davis, just northeast of Harwood. With this move they have basically tripled their former space - and it's much nicer than the former "dive" as reported by many reviewers. It's quick service, so order at the counter, and they will either deliver it to you or scream out your number. Not organized, but they'll figure it out. Or you will... Incidentally the old Taco Bell they once occupied has already been bulldozed, along with the building next to it. Makes sense given its position on the bridge near the 820/183 feed to Davis.

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Wonder what's happening at the old spot? The two buildings are gone. Surely someone will build again.
RJG said…
My guess would be some sort of walled area, and perhaps some apartment type housing behind it. The location near the bridge will scare off most businesses I would think. There's so many empty storefronts in that same Davis/26/183 area - the old Home Expo, Eckerds, Office Depot,etc... Seems they may need to redesign that entire area.
The old Eckerds is CVS office (or Walgreens, however swallowed Eckerds). Expo is becoming a gun range (and retail).

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