Quick update from the RJG

Hello everyone! Back again, after a long silence. After a nice bit of restaurant going last summer and early fall, Mrs. RJG and I fell back into the habit of eating at home, with a few dinner excursions, mostly to our standby's that we've already written about here, and dutifully updated. Seems the Santa Fe trip wore us out! LOL. I have to say it's been a somewhat permanent status for us. It's certainly a lot healthier this way!

In any case, we do have a few exciting new restaurants to review, as well as continuing our update program. My original plan was to update an existing entry every three years, and that's still my intention. There are some long time favorites, and even those we only frequent occasionally, that need a good thorough scrubbing. So we'll be pushing those forward to keep them relevant and up to date.

In the meantime, we lost two more RJG restaurants to closures. One is Billadelphia's, a favorite of ours since the beginning of this blog, and one we always had front and center in the update column. They recently closed down, and now a Mexican take out is there (really? Is that we need - another one?). Maybe we'll try it anyway. The other is Apeizza e Vino, which was one of many Italian styled pizza joints to have sprouted up in these parts. We did like it, but only managed to get over there a couple of times. I suspect they had too many customers like us, and hence they are no longer here. They too became a Mexican restaurant (Un Rincon de Mexico) and we did try it and were nonplussed. So if you see our Closed Places tab on the right, 46 restaurants we've written about have now closed (including outside DFW). And that's just the ones we know about. It's been a rough industry for the last decade that's for sure. And I just recalled that the Freebirds on Tarrant closed as well. I'll probably just update that post with another location.

On the plus side, we have continued to see the development of the craft beer fueled restaurants, and so that can only be considered something to celebrate. More to come on that.

Concerning social media, it appears Zomato was hapless. The one bright spot was Alyssa, who may or may not still be there (and I have since found out she is no longer there - can't blame her!). In any case, she was unable to have executed any of the changes I suggested (like restaurant openings, closings, etc...). And as predicted, the site has fallen into disrepair. The readership is almost nonexistent. With Urbanspoon, some of the RJG reviews reached into the 1000's of page views, as it added up over time. Those days are long gone. We're lucky to get 100 anymore. Not very inspiring. Facebook is the ultimate ADD tool, and while we might get hits on the first day, there is no sense of history or reference checking via that channel. It definitely serves a purpose, and we'll stick with it. If we were more aggressive, we'd be all over it with constant postings, but that's not our nature.

Word on the street says more and more people are heading over to TripAdvisor for restaurants. That's interesting to me. I have hotel reviews on there going back to 2001 (!!), but under a different alias of course. But we never considered them seriously for restaurants, but there does seem to be more activity. So we plan on investigating further.

Back soon!


Peter Schott said…
Glad you're back and sad that Zomato is continuing on its own path instead of continuing on UrbanSpoon's path. The app got a little better, but it's not nearly as good as UrbanSpoon was. I could search from a place and easily find restaurants to match my criteria. With Zomato, I have to jump through hoops and am often limited to cities or very small ranges. :( I'd use Yelp, but don't really trust them - too many stories of reviews being hidden/shown based on whether the business owner paid up.

I look forward to your updates as you have a chance to add them. They're always interesting to read.
RJG said…
Thanks Peter for the positive vibes!
Leann said…
Welcome back. Those of us in N. Tarrant area miss your reviews and comments. If you haven't tried it, I would recommend Simply Thai, Rufe Snow @ N. Tarrant! It's your kind of place, family owned and operated. It is well appointed, great service, well presented delicious food.

We fell for the Hollywood Burger hype only to be very disappointed. There are some new placed in Colleyville I am eager for you to try out and report back to us. Your updates are always interesting.
RJG said…
Thank you Leann, I really appreciate those kind words! We did see Simply Thai, and we will give it a try! I should try Hollywood Burger too, as we've driven by it as well. And yes, we have lots to try throughout NE Tarrant. We'll see if we can tackle at least one new restaurant a week.
RJG said…
Thanks Cowboy Fan! Any new Texas Burger Stops?
dnagirl said…
Good to see you back! We miss Billadelphia's. It was my small piece of home here in the HEB general area.

Have you tried The Burger and Philly Shack in Watauga? They get good reviews for cheesesteaks on Yelp. I think we're going to attempt to try them next weekend. I need a decent cheesesteak here.
RJG said…
Thanks dnagirl! We have been a few times to Burger and Philly Shack, and it's really good. I tried the Philly once, but I have to admit I like their burgers better. http://regularjoesguide.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-burger-and-philly-shack-hamburgers.html

I also had plans to revisit Fred's Downtown Philly in Grapevine, which I thought was quite good. But it looks like they just closed recently. I'll need to visit another locale. http://regularjoesguide.blogspot.com/2013/03/freds-downtown-philly-philly.html
dnagirl said…
Thanks for the info, RJG. I'm hoping that the Burger and Philly Shack can be my Billadelphia replacement, although it's always good to have another burger place around.

We tried the Fred's here in Euless and were not impressed. Perhaps this particular franchise here isn't as good as others.

Thanks for all the reviews, it's nice to see a blog that reviews local places!
dnagirl said…
Oh, and in addition, if you haven't tried it yet and get to the Bedford area on occasion, check out Los Jimadores Tex-Mex Tequila Factory (stupid name, great food) on Harwood at 121. I have yet to have anything bad from there and they serve a great black bean dip with the chips and salsa.
RJG said…
Ah yes, Los Jimadores. That was the old Antonio's! We drive by it on our way to Sweet Basil, and we noted as a place to try. With your recommendation, we will do that pronto!

Interesting about the Fred's Euless store. We had gone to the one in Hurst, and they weren't even there at open (this was last year)! I'm wondering if the chain is falling into disrepair due to bad management? I certainly hope not, but I'm not encouraged.

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