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The RJG recently had his official boss in town from New Jersey and he wanted to meet for dinner. Since he was staying in downtown Dallas sans a car, I recommended we meet just north of there at Truluck's, which has in recent years become my go-to place for business meetings when they (yea, they) are staying downtown without wheels. It's only a $5 Uber ride according to The Boss. And the RJG has a place to park (valet though), so that's always a plus.

And speaking of which, I was completely disoriented when I arrived. This isn't where the restaurant used to be is it? And the answer is no - there's a new structure they built at the other end of the parking lot, and the old building along McKinney has since been torn down. I thought I was having a Mr. Robot moment there (yea, that's right, the RJG is hip, mannn).

Food: High end steak and seafood. I recommended we both start with the Lobster Bisque, one of Truluck's signature items, and it once again was delicious (rich and creamy). For an entree, I decided to slum it this evening and ordered the cheapest item on the menu: The "Hot 'n' Crunchy Idaho Trout" ($27) with rice pilaf and a mango chili sauce. It was a nicely breaded trout and the rice was very good. All the same, I begin to regret not ordering the Chilean Sea Bass, which has become my favorite at Truluck's over the years. Not sure what I as expecting - perhaps something with a bit of fire and spice - but that's not what this dish about. It is good, though maybe a bit dull in the end. OK, well I tried it anyway (folks, get the Sea Bass). The Boss wanted steak (mmm... he-man want steak) and he told me that he prefers a ribeye to a filet. So he went for the 16 oz All Natural Rib Eye ($48) which he subsequently devoured with much glee. And the potatoes were gone before I noticed as well. Boss man happy. Better be in my next performance evaluation too....

Drink: For a swanky restaurant in the center of Dallas, I would expect Trulucks to offer high quality local craft beers. No such luck. Shiner Bock is their idea of a local beer. No thanks. Of course, the markups are in wine, and they are more than happy to oblige. We both settled on single classes of Cabernet, and they are pretty chintzy for $10. When it comes to drinks, Truluck's is running a shakedown operation. Maybe next time, I'll get water.

Location: Truluck's sits on the NW corner of McKinney and Maple. I find it easier to head east (southeast) on Maple and enter that way. As mentioned above, the new building is now in the back of the lot, and thus even more easy to get from the Maple side. The new structure is, as you might imagine, somewhat opulent especially compared to the diner-like neon lit building of the past. There's a full bar area, and two stories of seating. It is definitely befitting of the term "high end dining".

Notes: In addition to the two DFW locations (note link below), Truluck's operates two restaurants in Austin, one in Houston, 4 in Florida, and one in the San Diego area. Oh, one other need I need to mention. I used Open Table to make a reservation, which of course meant I left my phone number. The manager actually called me the next day to see if our meal was satisfactory. I thought that was a nice touch!

Rating: 4.0. The food here is delicious, and the ambiance is top notch. The drinks are a rip, but if corporate is buying, perhaps I won't notice?

RJG notes on the Southlake location




Hours: Lunch: 11am-2pm (Mon-Fri) Dinner: 5-10pm (Sun-Thurs) 5-11pm (Fri-Sat)

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