The Pantry ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico

We've driven many times past The Pantry as we go up and down Cerrillos, and it is a rare time of the day when there isn't a line around the building. The Pantry is one of the big names for breakfast and lunch in Santa Fe (they also serve dinner until 8:30). It's time for the RJG to venture in. We took a chance on a mid-week brunch hour of 10:30 and got seated immediately. Woohoo! Planning wins again.

Food: Traditional American and New Mexican breakfast is the primary draw at The Pantry. They also have a full menu of burgers, sandwiches, Mexican entrees, and comfort foods. There was no question at all what the RJG was going to have: A smothered breakfast burrito with Christmas chile. And it comes with "pantry fries" (potatoes in the vernacular). Out comes this wonderful and large skillet, with a steaming fat burrito and incredible looking cheese and chile staring me in the face. I always start with the green chile side first (rarely do I mix the two). First bite into the fluffy egg burrito ...oh... mmmm... wow.... next bite... Yes, the lines out the door do indeed signify there is "a somethin' a happenin' here" For as great as the green chile was, I even enjoyed the red more. Certainly in the same league as La Choza on that front. I also devoured the potatoes as they helped me ensure not a drop of chile was left on the plate. Mrs. RJG beelined in on the Chile Relleno Omelette. I heard similar sounds of happiness on her side of the table. By the time I looked up her plate was as clean as mine. Yes, the RJG household is actually made up of two vultures in human clothes... Doubt I need to state the obvious about coming back here again, etc....

Drink: No alcohol. Diner styled drinks, with coffee well in the lead position.

Location: On Cerrillos northeast of St. Michaels. And they actually have a parking lot! Wow, what a concept. The restaurant is very much an old school diner, with stool seating and a dining room. Places like this (the atmosphere, not the food) were dime a dozen 40 years ago, but rare to find anymore. As indicated above, The Pantry is "known" and as such, coming here for Sunday brunch will have the same result as waiting to buy tickets to a Madonna concert. Plan wisely or prepare to starve for a bit.

Notes: This is worth pasting in from their website: "The Pantry was founded in 1948 by George Myers, he set the standard of quality and excellence that has been associated with the Pantry for over sixty years now. With such storied roots in Santa Fe, it is impossible to say how many business deals, political decisions, and relationships have been started in the dining rooms at the Pantry. Since its inception there have been seven different owner operators or stewards of the Pantry, who have nurtured it and brought it to where it is today, including its current owner the Singley Family who plans to continue the Pantry tradition for many years to come." Love the reference to politics, business, and relationships. These type of eating establishments are the centerpiece to a society.

Rating: 4.0 (I suspect this will go up on repeat visits)




Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 6:30am - 8:30pm; Sunday: 7:00am - 8:30pm

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