Super Tortas #1 ~ Corinth, Texas

Looks like Mr. Music is back in his own graze land. And he's very enthusiastic about a local place up in the Lake Dallas area. Makes the RJG want to get in the cattle car and go north!

I have been meaning to go to the newest taco spot in Corinth called Super Tortas #1. I finally made my way there and was glad I did! The owners, John and Lucinda were super friendly, big time food lovers and excited to talk about it! The shop is small and in an old shopping strip facing I-35­E on the Southbound access road; just before Swisher. The d├ęcor is nice and simple; the place is spotless!

After looking at the menu for awhile and yakking to the owners, Lucinda suggested the Milanesa. Theirs is a fresh piece of beef that is pounded by hand until it is super flat and thin. It’s very lightly coated with a batter and deep fried?...oh no, they put just a little oil on the grill and cook it right there. It cooks nicely with just the right amount of crunch and keeps it from getting real greasy. It has all the goodies including tomato, onion, jalapeno, sliced avocado, homemade refried beans on a huge super fresh bread. John said I is made fresh every day by his aunt, I believe. I asked for extra avocado and at some places “that’ll be an extra dollar”; not here; just a nice portion of fresh avocado. Actually, everything on the torta was SUPER fresh. Even the cilantro leaves were perky and fragrant! They have a homemade salsa that is a greenish salsa with some fresh habanero. It is very tasty and has a little heat. OK, you guys know I am a heat fiend so it may be hot for some of you out there.

I noticed on the menu, they have barbacoa and it actually said “cheek meat” next to it. I have been plenty of places with quote barbacoa unquote that isn’t made from cachete! They gave me a sample and I mean a good sized sample – like a small molcajete filled with fresh, tender, juicy well seasoned barbacoa. Did I mention everything was really fresh? ;)

OK, on top of the dozen or so tortas they also have tacos, burritos, breakfast items (tacos, burritos and tortas with egg and yummy stuff). They also make ribs on Thursday and offer them through the weekend. I’m ready to try everything on the menu. I think my next item will be the Cubana!

John is from Chihuahua, but also spent time in Nebraska(?) and Southern California growing up and has been cooking for the family since he was young. Oh, Lucinda told me they have plans to expand the menu. The really interesting thing I’m looking forward to is a meatball soup called Albondigas de Jalisco! From what I’ve read, it looks great; I can’t wait! Maybe they will add tinga or birria!

OK, last thing – I had their homemade horchata; it was some of the best I’ve ever had; very creamy (although not too thick) and a nice dose of cinnamon!

Update:I decided to go back over the weekend and ended up there twice! I stopped in for breakfast and John suggested I try some of the dry chorizo has had. So I had a nice big burrito with eggs and chorizo mixed together with beans and cheese on a big flour tortilla. The chorizo was delicious and not greasy at all as he described. It was great, but next time I think I’ll skip the beans to make sure I get all the flavor of the chorizo! Later that afternoon I stopped in and picked up a rack of those ribs he and Lucinda were talking about. The ribs are rubbed with his secret Mexican concoction then finished with a little of his BBQ sauce. I took the ribs to a family birthday party. They were amazing with a nice strong smoke; they were tender and meaty and had an awesome flavor. John said he puts just a little de­seeded habanero in it to give a nice flavor and a little heat; it was beautiful! The ribs were a HIT and gone in minutes. My father­-in­-law, who is one of the best grillers in my opinion, absolutely loved them as did the rest of the crew. Super Tortas is SUPER and I am looking forward to more from them!

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm; Saturday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm; Sunday: Closed


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