Pollo Tropical ~ Hurst, Texas

A handful of these restaurants have popped up in the DFW area suddenly. We had a choice between this one in Hurst or Watauga, and it's a bit easier to go here. Let's check it out shall we?

Food: How many of you all been to El Pollo Loco? Or for a more known local option, El Pollo Regio? Pollo Tropical is the same concept, except instead of the cuisine of Mexico, you get the flavors of the Caribbean. Grilled chicken is the primary driver here, but pork loin, ribs, and beef are also available. All with a wonderful marinate made up of Caribbean spices. And the platters come with rice (white, brown, or yellow with veggies) and black beans. On our visit, the portions were more than plentiful. The rice was oh so slightly undercooked (maybe one more minute), but still enjoyable (better than overcooked!). The bottled spicy condiment that is made especially for Pollo Tropical, is excellent when doused on the rice. And the beans were steaming hot and delicious. Worth mentioning that the chicken was very tender. I ended up with the white meat portion, and often times that can be dry. Not at Pollo Tropical. Mrs. RJG had the dark meat, and it too was fantastic. I must try the ribs and pork loin at some point.

Drink: Even though it's a fast food joint, they do sell beer, including the iconic Red Stripe from Jamaica. It was a work day for me, so I stuck to the soda fountain. Guessing alcohol is a location by location choice.

Location: Brand new standalone fast food location with a drive through. Sits on the SW corner of TX-121/183 and Precinct Line right next to the Outback Steakhouse. The whole area has been completely renovated in the last two years.

Notes: Pollo Tropical is a fast growing chain from Miami. Starting in 1988, they have about 180 locations mostly in Florida, but also Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee. They can also be found in the Caribbean and Central/South America. In addition to the Hurst locale, NE Tarrant hosts one in Watauga and one in the Alliance area of Fort Worth.

Rating: 3.5. This could easily go up half a point. Another visit or two will determine. Check back for an update!




Hours: 10:30 - midnight Daily

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Mervis said…
Been wanting to try this.

Red Stripe, proudly brewed in Latrobe, PA. The taste of Jamaica no more. LOL
RJG said…
Very true about Red Stripe. And Rolling Rock I think is brewed in St. Louis or something. With all the wonderful craft beers now, no need to drink these swill waters anymore. But I still it's kind of cool to see Red Stripe in a fast food establishment! :-)
Eric Miller said…
I love El Pollo Loco and want to try this. Yum, sounds so great.

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