Friday, June 5, 2015

Johnny B's Burgers & Shakes ~ Southlake, Texas

After much hand-wringing and headbanging (wait, that may have been the Iron Maiden album I was listening to...), I've decided to produce fresh reviews of places we've featured before. I will provide a link to the old post, and do a bit of cleanup to ensure both posts are worthy of reading (presuming of course that any are worthy of reading...). And on second thought, I think I'll move posts forward. Oh well, Johnny B's will be an anomaly then,

It's been almost a year and a half since we last visited Johnny B's. Despite intense competition from all sectors, it appears Johnny B's has their loyal client base, and remains a popular destination.

Food: Would you believe burgers and shakes? And chili. And the latter is not something the RJG is likely to forget, as it's a favorite item for me. Loaded with hamburger meat and chili powder - and served at a super hot temperature - this remains a side I cannot go without. As for their signature burgers, they remain true to the original recipe: Fresh beef patties (thin), crisp lettuce / onions / tomato, gooey American cheese, and Thousand Island sauce. All of that fits snugly into a sweet Hawaiian type roll, that is toasted and lightly buttered to perfection. It is indeed a formula similar to In-N-Out Burger, but Johnny B's was here long before the California based chain showed up. You can also get the Dragonburger which is a triple with chili and jalapenos. Sounds ideal for any member of the Southlake Carroll football squad! The fries are homemade cut potatoes, plump, hot, and not soggy. Very good. Often times, Johnny B's find its way onto local Best Of lists. That honor is well earned.

Drinks/Desserts: Fountain sodas and real ice cream shakes.

Location: Hidden in a strip center on the northeast corner of Souhlake Blvd. and Nolen. Look for Weir's Furniture and start heading towards Southlake Blvd. The inside is decorated with Southlake Carroll and Texas Tech memorabilia and regalia. It's a scene straight out of the 1950s, exactly what they strive to do, both regarding the food and dining experience. Counter service.

Notes: Johnny B's opened not too long before our posting in 2008. As stated above, they were ahead of the arrival of In-N-Out, and had a chance to build a faithful following. It's very apparent after 7 years, that Johnny B's can only be called a success. They even own/rent the space next door for special events.

Rating: 4.0




Hours: Opens at 10:30a every day; Closes 8:30p Mon-Thu; 9:00p Fri-Sat; 3:00p Sun

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