Jersey Mike's Subs ~ Keller, Texas

Seems like the RJG has been following Jersey Mike's all over town. From their start in the area in the mid/late 1980s in Northwest Dallas (which everyone seems to have forgotten, including the local newspapers) to their 2003 reemergence on Greenville Avenue in Dallas to their Las Colinas location near my office at the time (2005-2006). Since then they've opened two locations on Southlake Blvd, and now a brand new store further west on the same road known as Keller Pkwy. As I joked in the summary post a few days ago, the RJG now has a closer location - by about 3 minutes. Sorry Southlake! Take it up with corporate...

Food: Old fashioned deli styled sandwiches, where they slice the meat right in front of you. They then go on to assemble the sandwich with "Mike's Way", and chips/drink/pay/done. C'ya! The bread is homemade at each location, and I have to say after two visits, the Keller location is better than the Southlake one (Centennial Park). Seriously! I didn't think that was possible, but I have to say the bread here is truly sublime. The meats are all top notch, and the fixings are very fresh. No old lettuce here! In the past (at other locations), I've tried a couple of their "hot" items, but really I go to Jersey Mike's for cold sub sandwiches, and generally of the "Italian" variety. I could eat here every week. And sometimes I do (thus earning its rating)... It's perfect for to-go orders, and I can get back home for a quick conference call while stuffing my face. From my perspective, I think it would be hard to beat Jersey Mike's for subs, even for a small family run operation.

Drinks: Sodas / teas / bottled drinks. Nothing special. Like I said above, I usually take it home, so it doesn't matter to me.

Location: Anchors a brand new strip center (2015) which is on the north side of Keller Pkwy, west of Keller-Smithfield. Exactly my friends - pretty much next to Freddy's that we just spoke about recently. This location seems a tad smaller than the others, and the parking is a bit more scarce.

Notes: Starting as far back as 1956, Jersey Mike's is now on a tear. They have over 750 locations and are found in the majority of the USA.

Rating: 4.0




Hours: Every day 10:00a - 9:00p

RJG May 2008 feature of the Las Colinas location

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Michael Sellers said…
There website is showing one on Denton Hwy. Have you given it a try?
RJG said…
Ah yes, the one in Watauga. No, I never did try that location - as they opened after the one in Southlake. I may do that sometime just to see if there's a difference in the bread!

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