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Return of the RJG

Hi everyone,

Been a long time since we last spoke. Mainly that's due to the RJG eating at home these days. Mrs. RJG and I needed a break from going out all the time. But we did continue to dine out, but mostly to our favorites - and only a couple of times a week. But lately we've been picking it back up, so perhaps it's a good time to get some updates in here for all of you to see. I'm going to update all the past posts here, and I will summarize them in a future post.

We also have a fresh batch of reviews from Mr. Music on a recent excursion down to Round Rock. I want to get those out as soon as possible.

There's been so many openings, closings, relocations... it's been too much to keep up with it seems!

OK, better stop here, so I can actually get something done. :-)