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Frezko Taco Spot ~ Southlake, Texas

Like Arezzo, another somewhat-new concept arrived in Southlake this summer that we're quite fond of. We first tried Frezko back in late September, and it's a place we've gone to a couple of more times since.

Food: Frezko is definitely a traditional taqueria in the sense that it uses only fresh ingredients, and keeps things simple with a small menu of primary tacos and burritos and there are no alcoholic beverages. You choose a protein (steak, chicken, pork (carnitas)), toppings (onions, cilantro, cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc..), and that's about it. As mentioned, the food is freshly prepared, and the steak and chicken have a wonderful charbroiled taste (asada). The tortillas are fresh. Of course, no taqueria worth its chile pepper doesn't at least have one salsa to squirt all over the tacos or burritos with. They have both a red and a green (fresh and refrigerated), each with a slight kick, and a taste more similar than you might imagine at first - which is a g…

Arezzo, Italian Street Food ~ Southlake, Texas

If I were to name a restaurant - or perhaps a concept - I'm most excited about, it would have to be Arezzo. They describe themselves as "Italian Street Food", and I think that's an apt portrayal of exactly who they are. Named after a beautiful city in Tuscany, Arezzo tries to emulate the village experience as best as possible for the modern upscale automobile culture we live in. On the few visits I've been, the restaurant has been fairly empty. I hope this is a concept that doesn't fly by without notice. Definitely give it a shot and report back. The price is right, and the food is great. One of these days, I'll have to try something else, but it's really hard for me not to have a big ol' heapin' bowl of pasta. Especially on cold weather days.

Food: Somewhere between Fazoli's, any pizza-pasta shop, and a modern Italian cafe, is where you'll find the food of Arezzo. It's setup somewhat like the burrito places, where you order a…

Pho Asian Star ~ Corinth, Texas

Time to blow the cobwebs of this blog, and let's see if we can get the engine cranked again! The holidays are coming, which should give me much more time, and I have a raftful of information for everyone. Which would make sense, since my last post was in January (Mr. Music had one in August for us). But we didn't stop eating out! OK - speaking of Mr. Music, he has once again given us a new review to see if this blog still works.

Take it away Mr. Music!

Mr and Mrs Music have resided in the Denton area for over 10 years and have been dreaming for a really good Vietnamese restaurant. A few places have come and gone, but none have really been that great. Recently, I was in Corinth and happened to drive by a place that used to hold a takeout Chinese food spot and noticed a new sign, Asian Star. What really got my attention is that when I got closer, I noticed pictures of Pho and Goi Cuon (Spring Rolls) on the window! And although the big sign just says Asian Star, on the door t…