Frezko Taco Spot ~ Southlake, Texas

Like Arezzo, another somewhat-new concept arrived in Southlake this summer that we're quite fond of. We first tried Frezko back in late September, and it's a place we've gone to a couple of more times since.

Food: Frezko is definitely a traditional taqueria in the sense that it uses only fresh ingredients, and keeps things simple with a small menu of primary tacos and burritos and there are no alcoholic beverages. You choose a protein (steak, chicken, pork (carnitas)), toppings (onions, cilantro, cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc..), and that's about it. As mentioned, the food is freshly prepared, and the steak and chicken have a wonderful charbroiled taste (asada). The tortillas are fresh. Of course, no taqueria worth its chile pepper doesn't at least have one salsa to squirt all over the tacos or burritos with. They have both a red and a green (fresh and refrigerated), each with a slight kick, and a taste more similar than you might imagine at first - which is a good thing since it's an excellent blend (though I do wish for a spicier option). As for prices, they more or less hold to the $2 a taco verse $1 in the barrios.

Drink: No alcohol. Bottled soft drinks and water are available.

Location: Fresko's biggest challenge I think is its location. I imagine most people reading this didn't even realize it was there! So... Frezko sits on the south side of Southlake Boulevard, just before the 114 on ramp. Where the old First Financial Bank used to be pre-construction. Except tucked back a bit. If you're heading westbound, it's very difficult to find, but basically the first time you can turn left past 114, do so and U-turn back. It's much easier heading eastbound. Still, for those of us heading back home, we basically have to take a loop around via Hwy 26 as there's no outlet back west. This can't be a good thing for repeat visitors. But it's worth the effort. Once inside, I would call it "upscale" in the sense that the interior has a fancy post-moderne steel/chrome look, plays dance/electronica music, and most certainly doesn't have lingua and sesos on the menu. All of this of course befits the neighborhood, and thus the potential clientele it sits amongst. I would say this concept would seem a better fit in a hipster area like Deep Ellum or Uptown, rather than an upscale suburban warehouse district. But we'll see...

Notes: There is no place like Taco Frezko in NE Tarrant (that I know of), and if you're craving a more traditional taqueria, but in a more comfortable setting, then this comes as an easy recommendation. Mrs. RJG, native of Sonora, Mexico, loves it. Perhaps I could have kept the entire review as pithy as that, and served my purpose here.

Rating: 3.5


Hours: Mon - Sat: 11:00a - 9:00p; Closed Sunday

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