El Gallo de Oro ~ Granbury, Texas

Hi everyone! We're back from an extended break, and hope to update the blog and catch up soon. In the meantime, Mr. Music just sent this one in to get us rolling again.

The Music's spent the day in Granbury over the weekend.  With a herd of 10+, a round at the local disc golf course, a stop at Revolver Brewery (another great experience in itself) and then some lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. What else could one want in life?

El Gallo de Oro is a cute little place right off the Brazos River.  It is a small, free standing building serving authentic Mexican dishes.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was originally attracted to it by the name - recalling one of my long gone favorite little places in Dallas on Maple just off Wycliffe owned by a couple from Guatemala.  No relation, but the food here is great.  They serve a wide variety of dishes including enchiladas, quesadillas and street tacos!  Nothing else needed to be said, when I saw it on the menu - and when I saw the picture of the spit aka trompo, I was sold!  Our friends had quesadillas to their delight. Music Junior had chicken tacos with crema and loved them. Ms. Music opted for fresh made (yes, that’s what I said) corn and flour tortillas with fresh made guacamole.  Yeah, she loved it.  Baby Music ate her weight in handmade tortillas (“heche a mano”) with mantequilla (butter). Of course I had the Al Pastor with rice and beans as did 2 of my other buds.  Their Al Pastor was a little different than what I’ve had before, something I can’t quite put my finger on, but they were excellent! The meat was well seasoned and tender.  Oh, did I forget to talk about the chips and salsa?  Well well, they have 4 salsas served with warm, yummy chips. The main salsa they serve is a warm red salsa containing green chilies and had a decent amount of heat although I can tell it is toned down for the masses. The flavor is very good although we all agreed it needed some salt.  Upon request, we received a tomatillo salsa (also warm), and 2 squirt bottle salsas (verde and rojo) much like many of the other good taco places I’ve been to.  My only complaint is they all lacked a little salt (but was easily remedied). The verde in the squirt bottle was a tomatillo avocado salsa which was my favorite and also the fave of a few of the others.  The warm, red (rojo) originally served came in 2nd for me.   Of course I’d like them a bit hotter too. All in all it was a great experience and I WILL be back.  I heard the breakfasts there are great and they are just about to start serving alcohol. I saw a sign that said free margaritas will be available in August.

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