Rocky's Corner ~ Hot Springs, Arkansas

(excellent photo courtesy of Robby Virus)

I've really been slammed at work in the last few weeks. I have so many things I want to cover here in the RJG - plus more on our vacation trip to Northern California, as well as my working week in Santa Fe. Not to mention the ever continuing reviews of our favorite Denver restaurants. And there's plenty of new places here in Northeast Tarrant we need to try. To be honest, I don't see a break in my schedule for at least another month. But I'll hold out hope that the 70 hour weeks will subside again.

In the meantime, let's continue to wrap up on Mr. Music's Hot Springs journey. Here's his next submission:

Our friend, Chef Girl said her kids would really like some simple, Italian pasta. The waitress who tables for an excellent restaurant called Rolando’s, told us she really liked Angel’s In The Park for Italian food. We looked it up online and saw it received decent reviews, but with 4 kids under 10 with us, we were not really up for a $$$ restaurant that only got decent reviews. We decided to surf up some other Italian restaurants. We saw that Rocky’s Corner had hundreds of visits and the highest ranking for Italian food in the area at multiple sites. Best of all, it was a very small hole-in-the-wall with $ - all the right ingredients for a great Italian place! They specialize in Chicago style pizza and Chicago beef sandwiches! Wooohooo! Several reviews had indicated that the chicken parmesan sub was the dish to get, so Mrs. Music said she’d have that. Just as ChefGirl and I were saying we’d have the same, the waitress said they have not had that on the menu for a long time. I kept eyeing the Chicago beef, but it just wasn’t calling my name. We ended up getting a couple pizzas, pasta with meatballs, and BeerBoy got some Fettuccine Alfredo. The pizza was not anything like any Chicago pizza I’ve ever seen. It was a thin, crispy crust on the bottom and fatter crust around the edges. The crust was brushed with garlic oil which was nice, but aside from that the toppings were very sparse. The sauce was decent but overall the pizza was just OK. It would rank it higher than Pizza Hut or Pizza Inn, but not by much. The pasta dishes were pretty good, but nothing special. BeerBoy said his Alfredo sauce was a little plain. Our waitress was nice and did a fine job, but I don’t think we’ll be back.

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Anonymous said…
Don't know what "Chicago" pizza you are comparing Rocky's to but one thing is don't know Chicago Pizza! For you to insinuate that there is no "thin crust" in Chicago pizza tells me you're a Chicago wannabe. Chicago thin crust it the pizza of all pizza's! If you wanted a thicker crust you should have ordered it...apparently you are a dough guy. What great Chicago pizza are you comparing Rocky's to? Here is a description of "real" Chicago pizza's. Next time I will charge you for an education.
RJG said…
On the one hand, I certainly agree that Chicago pizza is far more than deep dish, and have enjoyed many a thin crust pizza while in Chicago. And I've been screaming that message from the mountain tops as well. And I know for a fact that Mr. Music knows this too.

As such, I think you're reading way too much into one sentence of Mr. Music's review. I think his overall review was fair, and the restaurant didn't measure up to their expectations. He didn't say it was terrible, just that it didn't excite them much and they won't be back.

Furthermore, it's very tiresome to see these kind of aggressive comments - always under the Anonymous tag. You sound like a drunk at a bar trying to make a point that doesn't need to be made. And annoying all the other patrons while doing it.

Learn some decorum. There are other ways to make a point.


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