Taqueria Guanajuato ~ Denton, Texas

Saturday was a day of music, beer, and dining with Mr. Music and family. After absorbing a few vinyl albums, Mr. Music and I plotted our lunch and afternoon activity. We decided to go to Taqueria Guanajuato for some tacos, followed by a stop at Oak St. Drafthouse for a local craft beer or three (more on that in another post), and then we'd stop by The Taco Lady for some more tacos. And then off to hit Denton's record stores, and perhaps another bar or two. Back to Casa Mr. Music for tunes, and then to dinner with the whole Mr. Music brood (which turned out to be Dough in North Dallas. I'm not ready to write about it though. Need another visit). That was the plan anyway, and for the most part we stuck to it.

I'm not going to write about The Taco Lady. It was definitely good, and I gave it a thumbs up on Urbanspoon, but we weren't wowed. But we were both absolutely floored by how good the upstart Taqueria Guanajuato is. This is exactly how a taqueria should be. We each settled on 3 small tacos. I went with a basic trio of carne asada, pollo, and carnitas. Mr. Music had asada, pastor, and tinga. I started with the carnitas, as that seems to always be the riskiest of the offerings. Best carnitas I've ever had. Or close to it anyway. Crispy, tender, and extremely flavorful. I could eat 10 of 'em easily. The carne asada was no less mindblowing. So tender was the meat, with a wonderful charbroiled taste. And the chicken was icing on the cake - tender chunks of seasoned white meat chicken. No rooster strips here! Mr. Music raved about the tinga and al pastor. We also decided to get chips, as we had to sample the mortar and pestle red sauce staring us in the face. Fiery and delicious. The green bottle sauce was no less fantastic.

This is a typical taqueria, so it sits in an old building, and is very small with only a few tables. You order at the counter. For hardcore taco eaters, they do have lengua and sesos. Also gorditas and sopes and many other authentic offerings from south of the border.

OK, taqueria heads: Head to Denton, and tell me what you think! Are we wrong?

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