Denver area RJG reviews

One of the things that has been gnawing at me for some time regarding this blog has been my total negligence on reporting on places outside of DFW. I managed to get in the Lubbock trip lately, but that's about it. Now part of the reason is the lack of regular visits to a particular restaurant. Or perhaps more to the point: My inability to return. I'm a bit uncomfortable making strong recommendations on places that I've been to once, or that it's likely to be only once for many years. While I would try to refrain from negative reviews, even a positive one can be misleading. What if I just got lucky that one day? However, while that might explain away a lot of my traveling experiences, I cannot use that excuse for Denver.

Quick history of my past with Colorado. I moved to Colorado Springs (from Carrollton) in late November 1993 for a new job. Even though I'd never even traveled to the state at that time, I moved site unseen. I knew it was going to be awesome, and it was (is). In April of 1995, I changed jobs again and relocated to Denver. It was there I met Mrs. RJG and we were married in 1997. By May of 1998, we bought our first house in The Pinery which is south of Parker. And in January of 2003 we relocated back to DFW, but this time to Northeast Tarrant rather than the Dallas side. But that didn't end our Denver story. Since Mrs. RJG still has family there, and I still had business and friends there, we continued to return annually, sometimes a few times in a year. Then in 2009 we picked up a summer townhome in southeast Denver and spent 4 to 5 of the summer months there through 2011. For whatever reason, I never could get motivated to write on this blog while we were there. Anyway, we decided in early 2012 to sell the townhome, and now we're back to occasional visits. And it is my intention to at least visit Denver once a year if at all possible (if not more). I recently was there in May (sans Mrs. RJG) for personal business.

There's still plenty of places for us to report on here in DFW, but on those many days when I have nothing new to add, and if I have a bit of free time to reminisce about Denver, I will try to pepper a few in. I will mainly cover off on places I've been for many years. But I do have one I discovered on my last visit this past May that I want to write about.

I've created a new Label called Denver Metro, which also includes the few places I wrote about in 2009 and 2010. On my last visit in May, I did stop by the venerable Brewery Bar, which I've updated as well.


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