Banana Leaf ~ Dallas, Texas

Last visit: August 2016

Banana Leaf is a Thai restaurant Mr. Music first took me to over 9 years ago when I had an office nearby. As such, this is the longest running Thai restaurant that we have continued to patron in DFW. Of course, at best I only visit about twice a year, whereas some of our faves in Northeast Tarrant may see us 30 to 40 times in that same time span.

Banana Leaf has become our go-to spot to "have a meet" with the Godfather of our India Mafia. So The Garland Troublemaker, myself, The Godfather, and one of his Capo's sat down "ta 'scuss bizness." In the old days, we went to Italian restaurants to do this. Nowadays it's Thai and Indian cuisine. Ya gotta move with the times...

The Garland Troublemaker's fave dish is the Yellow Curry with two bowls a rice - and a couple of Singha beers to wash it down with. The Mafia guys, while not strict vegetarians, try to stay true to their customs and stick to the meat free offerings, which they obviously enjoy since this is their usual choice for our meetings.

Banana Leaf is one of the few places in DFW that will serve your menu item "Thai Style". You'll have to ask for it though. One of my test dishes is Spicy Basil Chicken. When I ask for it Thai style and Thai Hot, that's what I get... minced (ground chicken) mixed with Thai chilies, onions, basil and green beans. I ask for the latter to be left off, but otherwise it's a perfect dish. They'll definitely make it as hot as you like. Though it can depend on the chilies and the season.

It should be noted that all lunches come with a salad with peanut sauce dressing and a bowl of egg drop soup (or whatever the Thai equivalent is). They also have a nice full bar.

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Francis Shivone said…
RJG -- I meet with old friends every couple of months at Forrest and Preston at Super Salads. Times have changed and we're concerned about "healthy" eating. It's frightful really.

Also, I wanted to tell you that my son saw your comment on "Total Wine" and went there with his brother-in-law, both big craft enthusiasts and home brewers, and loved it. This was near Charlotte, NC. Funnily enough, the pic was the best of the free pics on the internet, I didn't know it was Total Wine, but they ended up getting some business because of it. Thanks.
RJG said…
Oh dear - healthy. I'm sure my day is coming. I'm trying to mitigate that as much as possible by running 3.5 miles a day (or at the very least) getting on the treadmill for a 35 minute fast walk all uphill. But I'm sure it won't be enough. Not the way I eat and drink!

Cool story on Total Wine. That's pretty funny actually. I would say thanks for sharing - but I would get in trouble with you for saying it that way! :-)

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