Snooty Pig Cafe ~ Keller, Texas

According to my database, the RJG hasn't been to the Snooty Pig since August of 2005, when they were in the location that now houses Tacos y Mas (and you can read more on that post about the history of these locations). The main reason we haven't been in nearly 8 years is, as I've mentioned in a couple of other blog posts, the RJG isn't much of a breakfast eater. Truth be told, from a health perspective, I should be more of one. Not to mention that breakfast is typically easier on the wallet than the other meals of the day.

But even if I were to suddenly be all about breakfast, the Snooty Pig is probably not the place that's going to motivate me thus. In fact, as I was ogling over their menu, I realized that I should try their extensive lunch options instead. But on this morning, I wasn't feeling particularly great, and so Mrs. RJG and I decided on a rare breakfast. And so we went about ordering a somewhat typical breakfast. It should be noted that Snooty Pig themselves claim to be famous for their wide variety of low calorie muffins. We didn't partake, but if nut or fruit flavored muffins is your bag, then I would suggest a visit promptly.

We both settled on your basic pancake, scrambled eggs, and protein breakfast. I went with ham and the Mrs. settled on crispy bacon. I also ordered orange juice. That was a mistake. If you're going to focus on breakfast, then I think the juice should be fresh squeezed. C'mon. Instead, it was watered down juice. I should have got water instead (I kind of did anyway, except it wasn't free). We'd already had our one cup of coffee back home, so we didn't try theirs. As for the meal, the pancakes were standard, and they only provide maple syrup. We asked for the eggs to be well done, and they weren't - sort of medium. Fortunately they weren't runny, or Mrs. RJG would have walked out on the spot! The ham was awesome. Whatever brand they buy, is the kind I like. Plus I love that they sear both sides. But it's hardly "homemade". And the bacon wasn't anything special, but at least it was crispy.

Honestly... I prefer IHOP to Snooty Pig for breakfast. So why even bother to write about it here, since I usually save my average to negative reviews for Urbanspoon? I dunno - I have faith that their lunch will be excellent. Also, this location is always mobbed with diners. And it's been that way for the entire time we've lived in NE Tarrant (2003), which is why they moved to this much larger location. And we still had to wait about 5 minutes. So that tells me that your average breakfast eater thinks this place is really good (though the 71% rating on US with lots of votes isn't a compelling story for them). As such, if you're not familiar with it, then why not give them a chance? Just don't get the juice, and try a muffin maybe?


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Anonymous said…
I agree, breakfast is boring. Don't waste your time and money on their coffee. It has a burned taste to it.

Go for lunch - you won't be disappointed.

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