Silver Fox Steakhouse ~ Richardson, Texas

About 7 years ago, Mrs. RJG took me to the Silver Fox in Grapevine for my birthday. And it was a total fiasco. They couldn't manage to get the steak cooked right for her (after 4 tries), and subsequently her mood turned sour and the evening was a total disaster. To their credit, they comp'd most of the meal. And I did enjoy my steak. But needless to say, Silver Fox was not on our "top destinations" list. We're not big steak eaters anyway, and when we do get in the mood, Mr. RJG will grill one of his famous habanero seasoned steaks for the two of us.

The tide turned in favor of Silver Fox last year, when The Garland Troublemaker (TGT) and I met with one of our vendors who flew in to see us (and a few other customers no doubt). TGT suggested Silver Fox, and I relayed my story, but we both decided let's give this location a shot, since it's close to our office. And the vendor brought a contingent of three, so it would be  a good cross section of folks. The evening was a big hit. Literally, as we watched Josh Hamilton hit a home run to win the game, and we screamed like we were at a sports bar. Much to the chagrin of the other diners in the restaurant, who cast evil eyes our way immediately. We went into library mode after that. Well maybe. OK, we didn't.

So this past week, it was time for our annual meeting, and the boss and our other peers from around the country (and world actually) came to our Richardson office for 3 days of meetings, food, and drinks. In reverse order naturally. And what was our first choice to kick off the revelry? Silver Fox of course, followed by further drinks across the parking lot at Ye Shire Tavern. There was 5 of us for this night (all dudes, sorry ladies), including one vegetarian who allows for chicken, and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. The wine and other libations were excellent. I'll be honest and state I didn't pay that close attention to what everyone had to eat, so I'll just discuss my choices. Besides that's all that matters anyway. At least to me... Anyway, almost everyone had a steak. I had the 10 ounce baseball cut filet mignon, cooked medium, with a side of mashed potatoes. And I added a Caesar Salad, to open with. The salad is a good Caesar, with the right mix of ingredients. Sometimes Caesar's can go overboard with items like anchovies, or even avocado, that just don't appeal to my taste. The steak was cooked to order, which is not as common as you'd think. Many steakhouses will bring it to you one degree less, so that if you do send it back, they just have have to cook it a little more. I don't mind a medium rare steak, so I'll just eat it that way, but I prefer it medium. I'd rather not send a steak back, and given out history with Silver Fox, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it anyway. My baseball cut looked like Hamilton took a Louisville Slugger to it, and definitely didn't pass the shape test. But who cares about that? It was delicious. And we all passed around an excellent cheesecake to finish the evening.

On an expense account, or visiting with someone who is? Need to impress a client? Silver Fox checks that box admirably.


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Francis Shivone said…
Back in the day when I did business dinners I liked Silver Fox as well.

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