***CLOSED*** Fred's Downtown Philly ~ Grapevine, Texas

Last visit: March 2013

December 30, 2017 update: Fred's has 2 Northeast Tarrant locations - 1 in Hurst and 1 in Bedford. A couple of years back, I tried to go to the one in Hurst and they couldn't be bothered to be opened on time. And when they did get there, they were grumpy and rude. Left a bad taste in my mouth about the chain. But sometimes you just can't control your workers. So I should get back there. I will update this entry at that time.

June 20, 2016 update: Fred's has just recently closed in Grapevine. Not the best location honestly - from a logistics perspective.

Going to the Burger and Philly Shack the other day, and a recent visit to Billadelphia's, reminded me that I never wrote about Fred's Downtown Philly. One of the RJG's favorite beer stores is Grapevine Beer and Wine (craft beer aficionados should make a beeline here if you haven't already). And Fred's is conveniently in the same strip center, so what a perfect excuse to drive on over and have a Philly!

I must really be in the mood for cheesesteaks lately, as my last trip to Billadelphia's was somewhat of an epic experience. And now here too. I went with the 10 inch Po Fred Cheesesteak which is sliced steak, Italian sausage, sauteed onions and cheese. Now there's something you can only eat about once a week - or month! Whew, my body was still shaking hours later. I could have sworn in the past they used Cheez-Wiz, which believe it or not, is authentic. Wiz-Wit is Philly parlance for the famous fake cheese and onions. But now they use white American cheese, which melts wonderfully into the imported Amoroso roll. It came out piping hot, the beef chopped perfectly, and the sausage in mini-bit size chunks. I was munching right through the basket!

Fred's is all about the Philadelphia food experience. So if you're looking for Tastykake's, Hanks beverages, Peanut Chews, and Utz potato chips (as shown on "Mad Men"!), Fred's is your place to load up. Of course you have to endure annoying photos of Terrell Owens in an Eagles uniform making fun of our beloved Cowboys.

I still need to try the Philly from the Burger Shack, and now I'm being told that Chelsea's in Keller has a great cheesesteak - so we have quite a race going here. The RJG considers himself fortunate to live in a food city as interesting as DFW.



Michael Sellers said…
I've been to the Fred's Plano location a few times. I'll have to try the Grapevine location now that I know it's there. Thanks for the heads-up!

By the way, you've been busy here lately! :)
RJG said…
Yep - and I have a few more to report on here soon. Thanks for the comment Michael!
Francis Shivone said…
Thanks, I will look forward to trying. The cheez-wiz is not my favorite and traditionally they were made with provolone. Butter almond Tastykake is still my favorite baked good from a package. I see that they are just now hitting the supermarkets here. Again, thanks. can't wait.

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