***CLOSED*** Fogata's Cocina Mexicana ~ Haltom City, Texas

Final visit: March 2013

We first visited Fogata's last summer for a weekend lunch, had a wonderful experience and...... never went back. Yea, I don't know how that happens either. Too many good places, and more convenient (for us) locations I suppose. But that's not a good excuse. Fogata's fell through the cracks, and so we made up for it recently with this dinner visit.

The first positive aspect I'd like to call out about Fogata's is their margarita's. Lately the RJG has been having a hard time finding a good frozen adult slurpee. They're either too sweet, too sour, not enough alcohol, not frozen, not... ad infinitum. But on our two visits here, they've been absolutely delicious. First class margaritas that remind me of Mi Pueblo, Anamia's, or Casa Milagro. Mrs. RJG had one on the rocks and she too was enjoying every second of it. Plus I like that their default is the large size. I'm tired of wimpy margarita's honestly. That's not a problem at Fogata's!

The second kudos goes to their food selection. I consider Fogata's more "interior Mexico" rather than Tex-Mex (though the usual combo plates are an option if you so desire, but I suggest you take advantage of the situation since Tex-Mex is everywhere else). So again, Fogata's compares favorably with Anamia's - and perhaps closest to Oscar's in Haltom City (which is no surprise given they share a common owner). We've written about all these places in the past. Now it's time to add Fogata's to our list of great Mexican restaurants in DFW.

The chips are light, and a little bit generic. The salsa provided has a good flavor, but is mild. On our first visit, the manager took pride in his ability to provide us a spicy alternative. On this trip, we were advised they didn't have anything hotter. So that's a bit of a bummer. That can be a deal breaker for us, but not this time, as everything else came up aces.

We each opted for the creamy chipotle dishes (Cozumel). I went with the chicken, and Mrs. RJG settled on the shrimp. The sauce is absolutely delicious, with a strong spicy kick. I probably would prefer it to be just a tad drier, but it's not a major deal. The shrimp is of the jumbo variety and very flavorful. The rice is excellent, and the refried beans were just the right texture and flavor. The shrimp dish comes with a bowl of black beans instead and she enjoyed them as well.

I don't think I've ever had room in my life for dessert after a Mexican meal, and this night was no different. Which is why I never mention it!

Fogata's is a nice, spacious place. You shouldn't have any trouble getting a seat, and they also have a really nice bar area if you're flying solo or meeting up with friends for a drink.

I was surprised to find out that Fogata's is in Haltom City. I didn't realize the suburb came up this far north, but a quick review of Google Maps shows that Fogata's is at the far northern border.

Highly recommended - and we'll be back more often for certain!


Anonymous said…
We went for the first time, my son order fajitas - the taste was simlar to the store bought Tyson bag at Walmart. Plus the tortillas was also store bought. Not fresh. I ordered a Margrita on the rocks with patron. They bar tender put Jose Cuervo instead of patron. Long story short, the food and drinks are terrible! I don't recommend.

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