Los Molcajetes ~ Roanoke, Texas

May 2013 update: Unbeknownst to me until now, Don Taco was a concept from the same people behind Los Molcajetes and Mi Pueblo, but I think due to brand confusion, they renamed it Los Molcajetes. As stated below, Don Taco is counter service (in Ft. Worth) and Los Molcajetes is a full service restaurant (like this one).So I'm leaving it here, and just changing the name. Everything is the same otherwise (phone number, etc...) . Though they did change the menu to the same as Los Molcajetes. This now explains to me why the margaritas are so good.... We have also been to Los Molcajetes' Ft. Worth (Western Center) location within the last year.

Original review

A few years ago I first visited the Ft. Worth location, and was somewhat underwhelmed to be honest. But as I was reviewing Urbanspoon, Don Taco continued to be at the top of the list for most recommended places to eat. So last December I was in the area for a little Christmas shopping, and stopped by for another chance. On this visit, I was much more impressed. As I was about to write the place up for the RJG, I'd recalled seeing a new location up in Roanoke. A perfect opportunity to bring along Mrs. RJG and then report back here. Since the Ft. Worth location is counter service, I thought we'd stop in, grab a couple of tacos, and be on our way.

So imagine my surprise when we walked in and saw the sign "Please wait to be seated". Huh? Well, apparently Don Taco has decided to go from fast food to full service. As such, I'll just report on this location, and eventually discuss the Ft. Worth one on our next visit.

Since my intention was to enjoy tacos, I stuck to the game plan. As did Mrs. RJG. But of course the big bonus here is the complimentary chips and salsa. The chips are excellent, with a real corn taste. The red salsa is a pretty standard cilantro, onion, and tomato recipe. The green is the spicier variety, though I would've preferred a more pureed sauce, rather than chewy chunks of green chiles. It did have a nice kick though. As well, we imbibed a frozen margarita. As with Fogata's, we were quite pleased with the drink mixture. So I'm gaining my taste for them again!

As mentioned, we stuck with tacos, rather than dive into their platters. Don Taco has their roots in the taqueria business, and I think they're quite good at it, so if you're unsure what to get, this would be my recommendation for a start. And having said that, I think their fajita tacos are splendid - both the chicken and beef. They're tender and fully loaded! I also tried their "street taco" al pastor, but it isn't their strength I'm afraid (it was tough, and I didn't care for the seasoning). Mrs. RJG had two chicken fajita tacos with the rice and beans - of which she gave a thumbs up as well. Though she did state that the charro beans were too thick. Oh - and they provide a taco sauce if you ask. Definitely better than their table salsas - it's a thick and smooth red, with a strong spicy flavor.

Don Taco is at the intersection of 114 and 377, not too far from the Speedway. Definitely a welcome addition to the "unique dining capital of Texas" family of restaurants.


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