The Burger and Philly Shack ~ Watauga, Texas

As I write this, The Burger and Philly Shack has a phenomenal 98% approval rating on Urbanspoon, with close to 215 votes. That is incredible. And why is that? Because The Burger and Philly Shack has some of the best burgers in town. In fact, this may be the best in all of NE Tarrant, and that's saying something considering the competition. The flavor of the meat is outstanding, and it seems they use a higher grade of beef than most. A high quality bun holds it all together, and they cut it in half to make consumption an easy task. The fries are thick cut, and delicious. I haven't tried their Philly yet on my two visits, but next time I will. Word on the street says their Philly's are excellent. Mrs. RJG wants to try the burger, so that will be my chance.

The owner of the place is a sharp witted wisecracker, who is a whole lot of fun to rap with. And I've seen him do nice gestures such as offer delivery truck drivers a free drink. There's a lot of character displayed here. Which explains why a line begins to go out the door around Noon. They emphasize that they are NOT fast food, and it can be an easy 10 minute wait from time of order to delivery to your table. Fine with me! In case you get bored, there are a couple of flat screen TV's around to keep you entertained.

I had a hard time finding the restaurant on my first visit last Fall. Basically it's on US 377, about a 1/4 mile south of Watauga Rd. Look for Joe's Pizza, then the white sno-cone stand, and it's right behind that.

The Burger and Philly Shack on Urbanspoon


Gary said…
The Philly is very good. One day I'll have to try their burger!
RJG said…
Awesome, Gary - I'm looking forward to trying it. Thanks for the comment!
I visited once and nothing stood out. Perhaps I will try again.

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