***CLOSED*** Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream ~ Southlake, Texas

December 2017 update: Been closed since 2015

In 2009, the RJG made a conscious decision to trade in ice cream for beer. I was getting deeper into the craft beer hobby, and I felt something needed to go in its place. Generally Mrs. RJG and I would enjoy a small dish (or cone) of ice cream after dinner. Now we enjoy a beer for dessert - preferably a nice milk stout or something similar. We both exercise hard as it is, so we couldn't afford to add more calories. So we switched them out. For awhile, we were starting to do both, and that was too much of a good thing I'm afraid.

But yesterday, we knew we were meeting friends for dinner (at the Ojeda's in Dallas. It is one of now 27 2013 Updates we've made to the blog - so I'm continuing to hold my promise). And these friends eat later than we usually do, so we had to be creative on keeping ourselves from getting too hungry. And we also weren't going to have our customary wine and cheese around 5:00 at home, since we had a long drive ahead of us.

Therefore the Mrs. suggested we go to Piccomolo for some gelato around 3 in the afternoon. I haven't been there in probably 5 years. We strolled around the lovely Southlake Town Square while lapping up our gelato's. We each had small cups (or maybe regular's, I can't remember their nomenclature now). I went with coffee and chocolate; she with pistachio, amaretto, and tiramisu. I've always enjoyed their gelato, super creamy and tasty. There's not much else to say really.

It seems the chain has fallen on hard times. Their website is non-functional and many of their stores have shuttered, including one in Colleyville that we also used to frequent. So I'm not really sure how many Piccomolo stores there are at this time. But the one in Southlake is still doing a land office business!

Last visit: February 2013


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