Monday, September 21, 2015

Jet's Pizza ~ North Richland Hills, Texas

First published February 20, 2013 and updated with a recent visit

Well it's football season again (hooray!). After returning from Santa Fe last week, what better way to relax than to spend a lazy afternoon watching NFL Red Zone, and enjoying a Jet's Pizza!

Food: We love their Jet Boats, which is basically an inverted pizza. Not a calzone, only in that they use mozzarella rather than ricotta cheese, which is more preferable for our tastes anyway. You get two of those bad boys with every order, and one alone makes a full meal. And their meatballs are fantastic (which are made in Detroit and flown in - inquire first as they don't always have them in stock). But so are all the other ingredients, and I absolutely love the sweet tomato sauce they use. And the outer bread is garlic and parmesan encrusted, and is baked to perfection. Jet's is the latest to utilize the "conveyor belt" style of baking a pizza - similar to how Schlotzsky's and Quizno's toast their sandwiches (except the oven is much larger of course). We also really enjoy their thin crust, which remains crispy even after taking it home. As stated above, the key ingredient to Jet's pizza is their tasty sauce, which is slightly sweet, and penetrates the flavor no matter what the topping. As well, while the Mrs. was out, I had the deep dish (not her favorite style), and was impressed that the pizza was more about the toppings and less about the doughy crust. That's the secret to a high quality Chicago styled pizza. Seems many lose focus on that point. They also have wings and subs which we have yet to try.

Drink: Whatever libation you have at home. They do sell liter bottles of soft drinks if needed.

Location: On Davis between Precinct Line and North Tarrant Parkway, on the west side inside of a newish strip mall (across Davis from the Super Target and Super Wal-Mart basically). There's an enormous amount of construction going up in the area, but when they opened a few years ago, it was a relatively isolated strip center. It's a take-out only spot, and of course they deliver, but we always pick it up to ensure we obtain the pizza as hot as possible. It's pretty close to our graze land.

Notes: If you want to start a burrito chain, then you might consider beginning in Denver. And if you want to launch a new pizza chain, may I perhaps suggest you do so in Detroit? Both Dominos and Little Caesar's trace their roots to the Motor City. And now they have a third major player: Jet's Pizza. Their first expansion into the DFW area was the location on North Tarrant in far North Fort Worth, and that was our first exposure as well. Since that time, they've exploded in the area, with at least 8 DFW locations if not more.

Rating: 4.0 (well, it's true, we like to eat Jet's pizza often - primarily during football season)



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Ty said...

Try the deep dish. It's their best. We like the 8 corner because every piece has a crust.

RJG said...

Cool - I definitely want to try it. Thanks for the comment Ty!