Genti's Pizza and Pasta ~ Corinth, Texas

We are again fortunate to have a Mr. Music review today. Some of you may recall that I put up a quick blurb about Genti's this past summer, after visiting Mr. Music up in Denton. I went ahead and removed that since we have a much better review now for the restaurant. Take it away Mr. Music!

Genti’s Italian restaurant is a family owned placed in Corinth. Mrs. Music’s mom and step-dad live near there and since we are in Denton, we meet them there pretty regularly. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. There are several things to love about Genti’s aside from the food: 1) They are BYOB and there is an Albertson’s right next door as well as a couple of liquor stores across the highway in case you didn't bring your own hooch. 2) It is a cozy little place where the staff and family are very friendly. 3) It is very kid friendly. 4) The prices are very reasonable and 5) They have one large screen TV in back by the bar (that doesn’t serve alcohol) for sporting events!

What I will say about Genti’s is that this is not a completely unique place. As Mr. RJG pointed out to me, there are other small Italian spots that have very similar menus and may even have similar recipes. Genti’s is one of the best I’ve been to though, and they have a few items they do particularly well. Last time I was there, Mrs. Music and I wrangled up Music Junior and Baby Music and headed over to spend some time with my in-laws. I ordered the special, which is now available all the time and has become my favorite dish there: The Chicken Sorrentino. This is a huge dish that is made up of a eggplant parmesan stacked on top of a chicken breast and spinach, smothered with mushrooms in a pink sauce on angel hair! What a great combination of flavors and it tastes great! The entree comes with a dinner salad which is simple, but just how I like it. A bowl of fresh, dark green lettuce with some tomato slices and a little veggie garnish. I love their house dressing which is a red wine vinegar base with tomatoes, onion, herbs, spices and oil. They serve the dish with nice hot rolls that look a bit like small loaves of bread! Mrs. Music had the eggplant parmesan and loves it. I also tried it and it's great! We get the pizza somewhat regularly and it is excellent as well. It's pretty typical Italian style pizza, but that is a great thing, right? However, I don’t want anyone to get the impression it is like Grimaldi’s, Il Cane Rosso or even Campisi’s. My other favorite dish there is the Chicken Murphy, made up of pounded-out and sautéed chicken breast in sherry wine sauce with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, onion, and cherry peppers over a pasta of your choice. And it has a little kick! Baby Music and Music Junior just love the meatballs and get them with a simple marinara over angel hair. We’ve tried several other dishes and have always been pleased. When we are there, the family always comes by and we chat. There are two or three wait people that I don’t think are family members, but we get wonderful service from them too. Once again I will say that this place isn’t some ground breaking or mind boggling place -  just a great, relaxing time with solid and consistent food. Oh, and I can say consistent with conviction - I have been there dozens of times over the past 6 or 7 years. We go at least twice a month! They have another location in Ponder that we have not tried.


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Anonymous said…
I'm confused. Who wrote the review?
RJG said…
Presuming you're serious: Mr. Music!

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