Lone Star Bar-B-Que ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Lone Star Bar-B-Que is seemingly a mix of my last two posts: Barbecue - but near the intersection of Western Center and N. Beach in far north Ft. Worth. We have two of our official nieces (ages 20 and 13) in from Denver today, and so Mrs. RJG took the girls out to clean out our bank account for a day of shopping, thus leaving Mr. RJG on his own for lunch, perhaps the last one until I head over to a loan officer. Seeing that my meeting schedule was wide open, I took advantage of the situation for a completely "new to the RJG" place. And I let Urbanspoon be my guide today. And as a random choice, none other than Lone Star Bar-B-Que popped up. It seemed very popular with prior visitors, and 'cue sounded good, so off I went to points west.

What you first notice about Lone Star Bar-B-Que is this isn't some dive in the hood, or a country shack where a 5 toothed guy named Otis asks "Whadya hav'?". It's actually pretty nice. You could take a young family here and not feel guilty about it. So it's more Spring Creek than... well... Black Diamond.

I went with the 3 meat platter and 2 sides. For this visit, I chose the sliced brisket, pulled pork and sausage. They asked me what kind of sauce I wanted, so I chose the spicy out of a choice of 3. Unfortunately they dumped it right on the meats. My bad... I meant to ask for it separate. Oh well, too late. And for sides I chose macaroni & cheese and corn on the cob. Pretty much my staple "start up package". I stuck with the soda fountain, but they do serve beer, but nothing out of the ordinary. All of this was served with a fluffy dinner roll. I'm set.

The pulled pork absorbed most of the sauce, and that was probably a good thing. It was a bit fatty, and not really that flavorful... below average on the whole. I was already regretting not getting the pork ribs, which I will insist going forward to be an essential part of my original tasting. The sliced brisket was very good, though not overly distinctive. It was tender with a nice smoked flavor. The sausage, on the other hand, was delicious. I loved the flavor and texture. Just the right amount of spices. As for the sides, the mac & cheese was also excellent (hey, that's two in a row for me!) with a nice gooey cheese taste. The corn was... well, it was corn. I need to at least pretend to eat something healthy.

Will I be back? You betcha! I want to try the pork ribs (as recommended by the manager) as well as the chicken, turkey and.... yep Bologna! I'll be certain to bring Mrs. RJG as well. It's OK - it's safe!


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