Jimmy's Food Store ~ Dallas, Texas

Today's post comes courtesy of Mr. Music. He asked that I post this on his behalf. Before we get to that, just a quick note that Mrs. RJG and I love to go to Jimmy's and buy homemade Italian sausage. We usually get 6 pounds, 3 of the sweet/mild and 3 of the spicy. That'll usually last us a few months. We have yet to try their deli for a meal though. Obviously, after reading Mr. Music's description below, we need to consider that pronto. Though it's tough to be that far down in Dallas and not go to Pietro's...

Last Saturday Mrs. Music and I took the kids for a ride to Jimmy’s Food Store. From Denton, it is quite a ride to East Dallas, but it was a nice day and I had not been in that neighborhood for awhile. I’ve been to restaurants all around Bryan and Fitzhugh and have heard about Jimmy’s for years, but for some reason never made it down there. I finally made a solid decision after recently falling in love with their homemade sausage on a pizza at ll Cane Rosso (my next review for RJG)! Mr. RJG told me he went to Jimmy's recently and stocked up on some homemade sausage so I decided to follow suit. Mrs. Music and I decided to make it a lunch/shopping trip, so we wandered around the store for a few minutes and gazed at all the great goodies before heading to the meat market at the back of the store. When we got back to the counter, we met Eric, who works there and assisted us with all sorts of great info. The menu has about 15 sandwiches on it and are listed on a large white poster board with photos of most of them. It was tough making a decision. They had homemade sausage and homemade meatball subs, but I passed since that is what we were going to take home! They had a Cuban, a muffalata, roast pork with broccoli rabe and provolone, chicken with roasted peppers and mozzarella, a few different cold cut subs and a tuna sandwich. Mrs. Music went for the Prosciutto Panino which had prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil on a roll. I really wanted to try one of everything, but decided this time I had to go for the tuna! Tuna, you say? This is not your average tuna. No, it is tuna with extra virgin olive oil, capers, artichoke hearts, black olive spread and hot peppers! It sounded so unusual, I had to try it! My next choice was the roast pork with broccoli rabe - perhaps next time! Eric advised us that the sandwiches were very big so we left it at that. He also mentioned that we could get a bottle of wine, or beer, or other drinks in the grocery section - and settle down in one of the two seating areas and enjoy our food. In the front of the store is a small area facing the window of the store with about 5 small tables. And behind the meat market is a large room with a dozen or more tables where they also host wine tasting events. We decided to sit in front with the counter on one side, and a view of Bryan on the other. One thing I was a little worried about was the bread; the pictures sort of made the bread look a bit generic, but when we unwrapped our monstrous sandwiches, I was very pleasantly surprised. The muffaletta shaped rolls must have been home baked and were the size of small islands! One bite and it was over! The bread was delicious with a thin crispy crust and a soft, fresh middle. The tuna and all the fixings were sublime! The light tuna with buttery olive oil contrasted beautifully with the tangy capers, olives and pickled peppers and the artichokes just made it better! Huge as it was, I ate every crumb. Mrs. Music’s sandwich tasted as lovely as it looked and sounded. She was stuffed after forcing her 3rd quarter down and I could not help gorging on her last piece. The dense flavor of the chewy cured ham married with the delicate mozzarella, the refreshing flavor of the basil, fresh tomato and pungent olive oil made my taste buds sing! Oh, did I mention these amazing sandwiches were just $6.99 and $7.50? After a couple glasses of wine and our meals, we picked up a few pounds of homemade meatballs, hot Italian sausage and mild Italian sausage to bring home and freeze. The sausage was awesome with some pasta and sautéed veggies. My only regret is buying so much to take home; how will I survive until I need to go back for more? I'm already dying to go again!



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