3 Parrots Taco Shop ~ Fort Worth, Texas

And this will be our final restaurant to report on from 2012. And while on that topic, I'm going to attempt to keep up throughout 2013 (ohhh... I've heard that before!), something I've failed to do since I started this blog in 2008. So I needed a solution to this dilemma, as I know my schedule will not always allow for blogging. After some thought, one way to keep up is to update posts as I go, rather than get plowed under from a mountain of paperwork. And with that in mind, I plan on doing updates to each former post, on their original post date. This way I can clean the site up as I go - very slowly. So how do I accomplish such a feat? By adding a tag/label. If you want to keep up where the RJG goes to eat, then click on the 2013 update label that you see on the right column. And then of course there will be new additions as we continue to try new restaurants, and/or revisit places that for one reason or another I've never written about here on Regular Joe's Guide.

With that administration out of the way, let's talk about today's restaurant: 3 Parrots Taco Shop. This was a recommendation from regular reader and fellow blogger Cowboy Junkie. So Mrs. RJG and I headed west to check out the latest Taco Shop. The RJG loves these kind of high end taco places, so if we hear about a place, it's usually an easy choice for a quick visit (and yes we've been to Don Taco too. I need one more visit before it gets into the RJG).

To make this easy for you all, I will summarize quickly: 3 Parrots is a carbon copy of Fuzzy's Taco Shop. The only difference is that their tacos are larger, and only slightly more pricey, thus making them a good bargain. Otherwise, we are talking a step by step re-creation. Beach bum aesthetic? Check. Full bar with frozen margaritas? Check. A full range of tacos? Check. A habanero sauce option? Check. Taco sauce on the table in a glass container with a fun label on it? Check. Televisions with sports? Check. Surfboards on the wall? Check. Whatever else you just thought of about Fuzzy's? Check.

If you're going to copy someone, you could do worse than Fuzzy's. And while imitation is the greatest form of flattery, I imagine that Fuzzy's may be looking, or have already looked, at legal options here. It's a bit too close for comfort if you ask me.

On the plus side, their tacos are bigger, and maybe... just maybe, a little better than Fuzzy's. They are similar to Fuzzy's no doubt, but perhaps I'm getting more of the flavor because there is... more of it. And 3 tacos will fill you up. In fact, 2 may be enough. I definitely need 3 at Fuzzy's - sometimes 4. On the down side, the frozen margarita's are not very good. They lack tequila, and are pretty sour. I'll get a beer next time.

I've already read on Urbanspoon a prediction that these guys will close quick, since no one is being fooled by the Fuzzy's-in-disguise act. And they may be right, I dunno. But I can't possibly say it isn't good. That would be the same thing as saying we don't like Fuzzy's. And we do like Fuzzy's! We'll keep an eye out on this one.

My advice to 3 Parrots is to get a more distinctive concept and food variation out there - and quick. Before it's too late.

Website (which oddly doesn't list this Far North Ft. Worth location)

3 Parrots Taco Shop on Urbanspoon


Glad you liked it. I prefer it over Fuzzys simply because it is easier to get into and out of. Fuzzys is too crowded (at least the NRH location down the street from my house).

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